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    Exile is one of my favourite games ever. It must have been one of the first open-world games along with Elite. I like the bit with the robot that fires homing missiles. I used to just spend ages dodging those for as long as I could. You could also hold the water container in front of you as a shield. Great times

    I really like Zarch on Archimedes. I play on emulation sometimes. I have only ever got to Wave 7 and that felt like an achievement!
    Exile uses the sideways ram on my b+ 128k too

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    Quote Originally Posted by samanosuke View Post
    Some of the games look eye-poppingly stunning for an 8-bit:

    This shows how similar the Enterprise is to the Amstrad -- essentially the same graphics.

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    A great port of the Amiga classic.

    I hope this turns out to be as impressive as the footage suggests.

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