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    The Next Gen Advent Calendar II

    It's mid-November almost which is typically going to mean it's one year until the launch of the true next-generation consoles that will likely see us all the way through to the year 2027 at the least. Sony and Microsoft will be pushing out systems that are as high end as they can get away with in an effort not to be left behind like the Xbox One was this generation. Instead Sony will be pushing hard on its popular lines of exclusive games whilst Microsoft will be leveraging its fourth attempt at success by expanding its market to also consider other platforms via Game Pass and xCloud.

    Last time we counted down the literal days until the launches of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This time we're taking the long run up allowing us to also take in more speculative hype for the launches outside of the specifics in the format threads.

    As we stand:

    Playstation 5 - 12 Months to Go
    Xbox 4 - 12 Months to Go

    This time we also have poll options, you can choose any option and can also unvote and change your mind as time goes on and more is revealed about the coming systems. Each month there will also be a topic of discussion and for our first one we'll start where we did in the first thread:

    November 2019 - Revising the Controllers

    Do you expect any new features in the next controllers or lost ones considering the increased cross generation support that's confirmed?

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    I think with the increase in E-Sports, Sony will ditch Bluetooth for a low latency wireless connection so that the PS5 can be used at events.
    Also they might move the touch pad to the back of the controller so that the click buttons on it can also double as paddle buttons.
    We already know the shoulder buttons will have some type of force feedback and it has 'haptic' vibration.

    I think the Xbox controller will follow suite with the shoulder button feedback, but it will remain largely unchanged so they can push people towards the pro controller.

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    The backwards compatibility of both definitely suggest limited advancements. The DS5 will be interesting really because of the evolution jump between the two whereas MS have always taken a more evolutionary approach with the XBO so based on where it's at in 2019 and where the Elite is at with v2 you can only assume it'll be something that straddles the middle ground of the two whilst reflecting whatever standard Sony opts for too.


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