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    Getting much more bold with the BTs now. Managed to snowboard through a big clump of them without getting caught.

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    Not reading any of the above yet as I don’t want any spoilers. But I’m now almost 9 hours in and I absolutely love it. This is such a cool game. It plays brilliantly, I love how kinetic Sam feels.

    Man, eff the haters. There were so many happily condemning this in the Gaming Discussion thread before it even came out. This game rules.

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    24 hours in. Itís absolutely brilliant. The sense of achievement you get from other people using your infrastructure, finding a rope just when you need it, or a time fall shelter. Thinking you need to trudge across arduous terrain and then seeing that a road has been built. The music coming in at exactly the right time. The gadgets!

    My goty for sure, by miles.

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    Finished it yesterday. I've seen reviews say the plot is convoluted or non-sensical and it absolutely isn't. Almost everything is explained far more clearly than some of the denser parts of MGS lore. I had a bug where the end sequence broke and didn't kick in when it should which took the edge off though.

    I clocked in a 42 hour play through and got as much out of it as I wanted. The best bit was helping people complete structures and roads. Spent ages loading up trucks full of materials and ferrying them to the auto pavers. I'd really like to see more games do this kind of asynchronous collaboration.

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    A synchronous co op mode would be amazing too but yeah, the asynchronous collaboration is the best implementation Iíve ever seen.

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    picked up a copy and looking forward to starting this!


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