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    Pokemon Sword & Shield [Switch]

    Alright, I've started it. After checking out the starter Pokémon and more importantly, seeing their final forms, Grookey was the only legitimate choice for me. His final evolution's a beast. The other two look lame.

    There's a lot of nice localisation touches for a game set in an alternate UK (mum, telly, mate...etc).

    The opening in-game cinematic wasn't voiced which seemed a bit strange to me. Detective Pikachu had voiceover but there doesn't seem to be any here. It doesn't need it 100% but having it in the occasional cutscene would be nice.

    Still, it's had a nice and pleasant start which I'd say is par for the course with Pokémon.

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    I've had a confusing few messages off Amazon. At the start of the week, they said I had a guarantee of "release day delivery", then the game was dispatched yesterday.

    Then about half an hour ago, I got a notification saying "Royal Mail couldn't deliver your package" (note the past tense) and that it "was expected tomorrow". This isn't a failed delivery; it was going to an office with a monitored entrance so there's no way that could happen. Something's obviously gone wrong. Needless to say I'm not terribly happy about it.

    The worst part is that their tracking info is completely screwed; it doesn't actually explain anything.

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    My friend's having the same issue, hopefuly they arrive soon

    Don't forget to connect to the internet via the mystery box to get a Gigantamax Meowth when it does arrive!

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    @Cepp do you know how soon you can trade with other players? Got my copy today, but haven't had time to play. Wondering if I can do the ol' trading starting Pokemanz trick and start with all 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    @Cepp do you know how soon you can trade with other players? Got my copy today, but haven't had time to play. Wondering if I can do the ol' trading starting Pokemanz trick and start with all 3.
    I didnt get too far myself, just about 90 or so minutes in and most of that was spent battling/catching Pokemon but theres no option to trade as yet. I imagine you can probably start trading once you hit the second town though.

    I was surprised to hear that not all of the gen 1 starters made it into this game. No Squirtle!
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    Played some more, and visually, it's a really... Strange game.

    Visually it yo-yos, and I think I know one of the reasons why.

    So, the cutscenes look wonderful, and the towns often look great too. However, those work because GameFreak had total control over how they looked, so they're effectively like dioramas. When you go through the bulk of the game, the camera is "on-rails" so at any time, GF have pretty much total control over what the player can see, and from what angle, which means they were able to carefully construct good looking scenes with good composition.

    Conversely though, the battle backdrops and the Wild Area aren't of the same standard. Firstly, the battles have a roving camera, where some of the angles it choses are just bad - like there's ~30 or so angles it randomly cycles between (including splitscreen comic-panel-style views) and there's ~5 or so where the camera is far away and very close to the ground, with this weird depth blur effect. I get what they were going for, but it really shows up the repeating textures on the ground and the low-poly objects close to the camera. These really shouldn't have stayed in the game, as they break the illusion. Then, the Wild Area, while quite nicely shaped and spread out (like from most of the main thoroughfares it looks okay), the environment is really quite sparse and low-poly; it's not quite "OoT Hyrule Field" as some have (cynically) labeled it, but I can see why some would jump to that.

    That being said, both of these things are indicative of time constraints/staffing. It's like if you have only one pad of butter and four slices of toast; you could either spread it very thinly or you can put the whole pad on one slice and just throw the rest away. That's kinda what's happened here; GF have picked their battle and that's how they've resolved it; but it also suggests that they maybe just don't have the skillset for something more akin to an open-world game in their studio (a theory further supported by how the performance in the Wild Area does tank from time-to-time).

    The battles themselves have some good elements. The 'mon look good, with nice idle anims and solid rendering, and the VFX is generally good, but there are some weird things too, like how when you use "tackle", your monster's anim just involves it jumping forward a bit then backing up (not getting anywhere near the other monster). Honestly? They look just like Pokemon X/Y, which is fine, but like has been said by everyone, incremental steps.

    Few other things before I go back to it, the story hasn't grabbed me at all. Surprisingly Y's story really did. It was simple, but I liked the characters, whereas so far the ones in Sword seem kinda annoying (especially the rival, Hop). Also, there are mechanics which require you to do motion control-stuff with the joycons (so if you're in handheld mode, you just have to not do those things).
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    I was so-so on X/Y's story despite enjoying the game overall. I do wish they'd do another rival like Gary though; they're all so nice and friendly in these newer games! Give me a jerk so I can feel smug everytime I beat him.

    I got to see those low res trees that kept appearing on twitter I think graphically it's a little more simple looking than I'd like but it's not a deal breaker.

    Not being able to capture Pokemon above a certain level (depending on how many badges you have) is new; I really wanted that Onix. I'm still not too far though, I'm sure there's a gym close by.

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    My son wants this for Christmas.

    Is it different enough from Let's Go to warrant Father Christmas bringing it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    My son wants this for Christmas.

    Is it different enough from Let's Go to warrant Father Christmas bringing it?
    I think so. Pokémon Let's Go is just a remake of Red/Blue/Yellow. This one's completely new (story, region, Pokémon...etc.). The wild areas at least are a lot more open and MMO like in scale than the corridor like areas of older games as well.

    If he liked Let's Go he should have a good time with this.

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    Wait does this require the paid membership in order to trade online?


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