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    The new Wild areas have been insanely popular with players, so i can only see them being expanded and refined upon in a next game. They are by far the best addition and are quite fantastic.

    Pokemon wandering around in a natural looking environment.

    Different weather.

    Different poke come out in different weather and time of day.

    Its really nice to just wander round and see what comes out

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    Yeah the Wild areas are great and really offer a good sense of exploration.

    I just beat Bea and that fight was lit. The gym battle music is starting to work its way into my brain.

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    I just beat the main story and really enjoyed it tbh. Hop is kind of lame as a rival but he's a good kid. Nessa, Bea and Raihan were the best gym leaders by far. The main antagonist's reason for doing what he did was dumb though. The game is gorgeous in parts if not overall.

    I'm enjoying the online aspect. Just having other players roaming around the world with you is cool as ****. I don't really know what the post game has to offer but I do want to capture more Pokémon. I never did find myself a Sirfetch'd, Charmander or Mimikyu during the story.

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    I’m also done with the story. Bred a decent team, not max iv’s but good, and caught around 200 poke so far. After 50 hours straight I need a break now, but will be going back to the dex when I get time.

    Once I got over my initial disgust at the technical crap ness of it I thoroughly enjoyed the game.

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    I haven't got into breading yet, not sure if I will. I finished the post game story and picked up a Charmander from Leon. Also got a JP Mimikyu in a surprise trade. I'm mostly doing max raid battles and daily runs through the wild areas to fill my Pokedex at the minute (currently at 254/400).

    I gave the Battle Tower a quick go as well which seems fun but it's not my priority right now.


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