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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    His grudge is going on for ...what?
    I made the mistake of having issues with the PS4 Pro. Still, I made the even more fatal mistake with you, on not being a fan of Nintendo. Maybe, I should have Marvel's Spider-Man Or Luigi 3 for my games GOTY

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    I can't help what games I find interesting, I order them on the console that they are available on. Sometimes PS4, sometimes Switch.
    Really, I'm just trying to help you understand the grammatical error of your ways. I try to use a toffee hammer to illustrate the point, but a sledgehammer is hardly scratching the surface.

    And now I've gone totally off topic. Muchos apologeos.

    I have found Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order to be frustrating in the short term. There is little pay-off for my frustration, so I see little need to continue.

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    I'm a ghost. Whoo~oo~oo!!
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    I played about more last night.

    I'm getting less interested as I play. The cracks and technical shortcomings really undermine the world of Star Wars - nothing like a stuttery Jedi balancing on a pipe.

    These are technical issues on all formats.

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    I've not really had any issues that have upset me, there was a big patch yesterday, I wonder what that resolved?

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    Loving it , wonderful mix of Dark Souls meets God Of War in a Star Wars setting. Lovely HDR on the lighting too.

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    I'm a ghost. Whoo~oo~oo!!
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    The Woolies look absolutely, utterly ****e!

    It's like they're covered in twigs!!

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    I'm enjoying it so far... About 6 hours in and taking my time.

    The main negatives so far from me:

    The slides and jumping sections are pretty unforgiving. Must have died 6-7 times in a row just trying to grab a rope coming off a long slide.

    The wookies look like they've come from a previous generation game.

    The combat is still a bit frustrating to me. I'm getting the hang of parrying etc but still some enemies just seem to be relentless and annoying. Maybe I just suck though.

    I'm still enjoying it. The voice acting and general tomb raiding and searching is fun. It's funny as I've just come into this game straight from Shadow of the Tomb Raider and it feels they similar.

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    I'm a ghost. Whoo~oo~oo!!
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    PSN ID: teddymeowUK
    Done twelve hours now, bored.

    It just isn't going anywhere.

    The best SW game for ages but an average game overall. Nothing without the license.

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    It made me want to go back to Battlefront 1/2 for some action without the jumpy-jumpy-death.

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