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    It's odd as well that the game struggles dependent on format so heavily. I'm on PC and I get stuttering when I first go on as areas are streaming into the system memory then it settles down. Otherwise I've had no issues with framerate, bugs, glitches, clipping etc and you'd think the consoles would just scale down the visuals, not suffer extra issues, given how PC like they are these days.

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    I actually enjoyed the adventure. However i found the combat so bad in the end game i knocked it down to Story setting to just finish it off and be done.

    Needed another year at least to completely redesign the combat, animation system, and generally sort everything out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishbowlhead View Post
    I hate the way games feel when made with unreal, janky as hell pretty consistently at that.
    Sorry, not having a go, but this always rankles me. A vast quantity of all 3D games made today use Unity or Unreal as their engine, and many of them don't even declare it. People only ever seem to have problems with the ones which visibly state their engine on the title screen. This goes all the way back to people saying that all the games using Unreal 2 feel just like UT2003, while no-one seemed to realise that Splinter Cell was made in Unreal.

    Street Fighter V was made in Unreal, as was Tekken 7, and they're no more or less janky than any prior game in their series.

    Believe me, it's nothing to do with the engine; it's the team. It might be because that team simply isn't suited to the engine; that's always possible.

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    I'm in the home stretch now, about to start the final area. It's certainly a game I could pull issues with quite easily but broadly I've enjoyed it for what it is. Plus - Neon Pink lightsabre for the win

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    I just finished it last night. For what it is I'll say it's a good game but it definitely has its issues.

    The combat seems unfair at times. I died a good 30 times on the last boss and I'd say half of those felt unfair, like I had gone to block or evade but the window to do so felt it was shorter? I played on default difficulty so maybe the timing slider and other tweaks might have helped by there you go... I felt it was overly difficult.

    Then you've got the sliding sections which were annoying in their sheer amount. Too much of it. Simple.

    That said I enjoyed the exploration, the characters and the fact they nailed a fairly decent narrative. So all in all its a solid game...

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    Turns out this was done by a completely different team than Titanfall2 (who went onto Apex), explains why, along with Unreal engine, its so incredible shonky.

    I wouldn't of bothered buying it if id known that.

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    Ive been for the most part enjoying jedi fallen order but its massively padded out by making you backtrack through areas you've already completed with only a pretty poor map and some very confusing level design to get to where the map asks you. sliding sections and lifts don't aid the exploration and just add to the confusion.

    I keep thinking this isn't great as it can be very janky but then you stumble across the rusted husk of an old republic gun ship or a downed star destroyer and it sucks you back in. It really is a treat exploring old jedi temples and ruins at times, the tomb raider template really dose fits well into the starwars universe.

    One thing that dose annoy me about the exploration though is the way it falls into the later uncharted \ Tomb raider games trap of undoing that feeling of exploration by putting storm troopers deep inside the later temples. Nothing is more annoying in these sort of games than pushing your way deep into a tomb defeating all the traps traversing an area that feels likes its been untouched for centuries only to discover a bloody welcome party waiting for you in the treasure room. if only id know i could of broken through a flimsy roof directly above the treasure room id of gone that way instead of struggling past all those traps and puzzles.
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    So finished this over the weekend, and it really is ropey in places most noticeably is quite a few areas have horrendous texture pop in. It has issues with enemy spawns too. A fair few times when meditating and resetting an area you would see the enemy's arms outstretched gliding into position. Some areas are so bad that it takes the game a good minute or so after loading in before it even starts doing this.

    Combat as others have said really needed refinement, you get no indication on whether a parry has worked and half the time even on the lowest difficultly with the largest window melee parry's are super inconsistent. Attacks that flash red require a doge and that system works really well as dose deflecting lasers back at enemy's but trying to parry just sees you taking damage most of the time.

    Despite these issues i did enjoy the world building they have done here and the story and places you visit are really fun to explore. For the most part though its the most 7 out of 10 game Ive played in ages. if they make a next gen sequel id really like to see them drop the souls style combat or if they do keep it at least give you a bit more feedback as to whats working and whats not.

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    Mate of mine lent me this and it really is just as everyone described: Uncharted with lightsabers, a Metroid Prime map (complete with a Chozo-like alien race: mysterious, advanced, yet disappeared-without-a-trace), and a Dark Souls combat mechanic that feels too woolly to pay you back for the effort. I'm not a massive Star Wars fan, however, so that means I don't have to hate everything about it. The atmosphere is really good so I've knocked the difficulty down to the most remedial level and I'm enjoying just breezing through and enjoying the sights. There are some great set-pieces:

    driving an AT-AT was cool.

    EDIT: The wookies in this are really horrible, all spidery-limbed and covered in mange. Not sure if that's deliberate or just bad art, but I can't blame the Empire for wanting to lock them up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Golgo
    I'm not a massive Star Wars fan, however, so that means I don't have to hate everything about it.

    Haha, this made me laugh. So true.

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