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Thread: Shenmue 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    Yes, it's part of the storyline. You won't miss it... unfortunately! It's mercifully short, I guess.

    I'm at a big turning point in the game now and I don't want to move on. I love this game, chickens and all. By the way, if anyone is PCing this, you might be interested to know that Shenmue 1 & 2 are in the Steam sale for a really good price.
    Brilliant, thanks mate. Look forward to that....I think.

    I'm mostly just fishing at the moment rather than moving the story along. Catfish - Gotta catch 'em all.

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    I'm at the next part of the game now and it's bigger than I thought it would be. There is more in it and more to do. All along the same lines, of course, but I guess I just expected it to be a little barer than it is. I'd be curious to know how this compares in size to the original.

    I think I must have missed something a good bit earlier. Maybe some of you know. Not any major spoiler below at all because it doesn't relate to the main story but I'll put it in tags just in case you want to remain completely oblivious:

    The guy running the wind/flower/stuff game near the village vanished at one point and never returned. Guessing there was more we could find out about that or it tied in with some side quest but I missed whatever it was. Anyone know what there was to do there?

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    Just a word of advice - keep multiple saves. I came across a game-breaking bug where, at one point, it would give me the usual "it's getting late" speech and then load to a black screen where nothing would happen. My last save was so close to that point that there wasn't a huge amount I could do to see if I could avoid it (I tried a few things), so I had to load a slightly earlier save and got around it by getting to home base before it could give me the message.

    No idea what I would have done if I hadn't been hoarding multiple saves like a greedy squirrel. So yeah, save often and save multiple files.

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    I finished this today. I mean, I didn’t do everything just in the same way that I can walk down a street in real life without feeling the need to play every game and buy every item. But I finished the story. It’s a tough game to sum up because I could see some people hating it and having very good reasons and you couldn’t really dispute their reasons. It has a lot to criticise. And yet I loved it. And I’ll never know how much of that is just nostalgia.

    The atmosphere is perfect Shenmue. The places and music are lovely and it really does bring what Shenmue had in an updated new chapter. It’s like it doesn’t know that a lot has happened in gaming since those first two games and that, to me, is generally a positive. It embraces what it is. The characters are pretty great and the game is made up of so many little touches of love. It’s like instead of focusing on a technical thing to fix, they added some little extra instead each time.

    The result is that the game can be a little overwhelming in places and, like I said, I didn’t do everything so I have to wonder if some of that effort was wasted. There is something nice about just knowing I can do things if I want to.

    The story and pacing, unfortunately, I think got worse in the second half of the game. The big issue for me is that it goes nowhere and, really, the second half just repeats the first. It’s like a movie and its remake all in one. And those story beats are pretty thin. Given the length of time since 2 and the talk of needing a load of games to tell the story, very little actually happens here.

    Thugs kidnapped someone!
    Try to find thugs.
    Learn they are causing trouble.
    Find thugs.
    Need to learn new move.

    And that’s it. The second half of the game really pushes things in terms of having to go from place to place to essentially learn nothing and I must admit my patience was wearing thin towards the end.

    But the end section was superb and I really enjoyed that and it led to a very satisfying finish. But I was glad to be done at that point.

    Sounds negative and, yeah, I guess some of it is but the overall experience and things to do along the way and people to meet all amount to a game with much more to it than the little story it is telling. I just think there were probably many ways to make that second half more interesting from a story perspective without needing to really add anything.

    But it’s all more Shenmue and it’s good Shenmue in my view. It delivered what I could have hoped for really. And lovely to be back hanging around the Tomato store all these years later. I’m very glad this finally happened and I got to play it.

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    It’s a tough game to sum up because I could see some people hating it and having very good reasons and you couldn’t really dispute their reasons
    I think that's always been true of Shenmue. There were some parts in Shenmue 2 especially (having to earn a crazy amount of money to meet Ren, and that sadistic boss fight that you had to redo entirely if you failed the surprise QTE) that were painful. I could always understand people not enjoying them as games.

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    To sum up this game as it is right now I would have given it a 8/10 10 years ago. Now I'd say it's 6.5 maybe a 7/10. We have the game and I'm grateful, but it just feels 10 years too late.

    If it had a full blown budget like AAA games have these days I feel it would have been a lot better but we have to be grateful that we even got the game at all. It's more of a love letter to the fans than anything else.

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    Yeah, it was never going to be that though. So I think that's about expectations. I saw some articles on how the sales were disappointing and yet, actually, by my reading the sales seemed pretty good because nobody should have expected Shenmue 3 to be a big seller. If it was expected to do great, Sega or some other big publishers would have made this happen a long time ago. It took dedicated fans paying over and above on Kickstarter to make this happen at all. It has a passionate niche group of fans but it is just a niche. It's not a game that could justify a AAA budget or deliver equivalent sales.

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    If this hits half what Yakuza games sell then it's probably done well. Yakuza has taken years to build itself up but managed to reuse assets well enough in its much smaller years to remain profitable. With the game now built and Kickstarter carrying the initial set up and asset costs much of the way presumably Shenmue IV wouldn't carry as much a price tag to it so if they believe the audience is stable enough then they may continue for now.

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    Yep, as long as people don’t really expect it to move much beyond what’s here in Shenmue 3, I would have thought a fourth game would be an easier and somewhat cheaper undertaking. I have no idea how the game is going down among fans though. I love it but I have to look past a lot of flaws along the way. And I think anyone expecting a resolution or a big leap forward in story will be sorely disappointed (I’m kind of glad it was public knowledge early on that this was not going to wrap up the story).

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    Is there anything you can do with your spare capsule toys? I'm only in the first village but spent a fortune trying to get Ryo in the forklift and have a about 10 doubles of all of the others in that set.

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