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    Windows 10 xbox controller specific disconnection question

    I don't game much on my PC and often games I don't have to use a controller but I'm playing Shenmue 3 and coming up against a very specific disconnection issue. I have an XBox 360 wired controller and it works fine until I need to press the same button multiple times. Then I hear a Windows noise as if it's disconnecting and reconnecting but with no actual interruption so it's not actually disconnecting at that point. But if I continue doing it, it will just stop working. Plugging it out and in again fixes it instantly.

    If I was to speculate, I would wonder if Windows is trying to kick in some kind of sticky keys thing but because Shenmue is filling the screen, I can't see what's happening until I close it down completely and there is no sign of a message at that point. Trying to replicate it outside of a game doesn't seem to do anything but the controller doesn't do a thing outside a game so I'm not sure it would. I checked sticky key settings and nothing seems turned on so maybe I'm wrong that it has anything to do with it.

    I can work around by just making sure I don't press the same button several times in a row quickly but obviously it would be ideal if I didn't have to worry about it.

    Any ideas?

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    I've never personally heard of a 'sticky keys' accessibility option for joypads. It sounds to me like a hardware or software prob, or combination thereof. I've used a wireless Xbox 360 controller (as well as a wired and wireless Xbox One controller) with two Windows 10 machines and not had issues.

    A few simple suggestions:

    1. Are you plugging into a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port? Can you plug it into a USB 2.0 port or change the USB port, does that help?
    2. Does the controller work fine with any other PC games?
    3. Have you tried turning Windows 10 Game Bar of (Windows Settings > Gaming)? Just sometimes Windows 10 Game Bar (uses the Guide button on the controller) can cause issues, particularly with older games.
    4. And it shouldn't matter but is it an official MS Wired Xbox 360 controller and not one of these cheap OEMs from Amazon/eBay etc.?

    A quick google suggests sometimes notifications, voltage or when rumbles tries to engage are possible causes. Although those are noted as user's suspicion but could be likely.

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    Thanks, you got it! It was a power issue. I turned off rumble and now it doesn’t happen. I probably should have guessed that because I know the ports on the front of my computer won’t power the controller so it’s in the back. But it only ever happened on multiple presses of the same button, which is what threw me. But maybe Shenmue kicks in some big rumble when you do that in fights. Not sure.

    But yeah, turning off rumble has sorted it for now. I can maybe play with other ports tomorrow but this will do nicely now. Thanks!

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    No worries. Glad it's sorted.


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