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    BPX041: Tripping the Light Fantastic

    It's over three years since the Lost-in-the-2016-Purge BPX021 discussed the question as to whether drugs should be legalised. The needle hasn't moved much in the real world since then but with the General Election looming the issue has again come up via some of the parties.

    The Liberal Democrats have pledged to legalise the market for Cannabis if they were to come into power and implement a licensed sales market for 18+ buyers.

    The SNP are taking a different tact, instead pushing for legal consumption rooms to exist in Scotland so that users have a protected space.

    Whilst a drug treatment charity has implored the parties to consider all options though keeping in mind that any agreed changes to outdated laws and practices must reflect British culture as copying other countries approaches is not a guaranteed fix.

    With the issue once again back in the arena of debate:

    Do you think current political stances will change anytime soon?
    Since 2016 have your opinions changed on the issue?

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    Is the question about all illegal drugs? Or just weed?

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    Weed would be the starting point but the discussion does/would inevitably lead to other substances due to the sliding scale and debate about accountability on user

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    I’d legalise weed, yeah, for sure. But I can’t see anyone voting to both legalise and market meth or heroin as consumer products!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Ignition View Post
    Weed would be the starting point but the discussion does/would inevitably lead to other substances due to the sliding scale and debate about accountability on user
    That may be but those are different discussions and it would be disingenuous to make them part of this discussion right now. It’s like when someone says you can’t legalise gay marriage because, what’s next, someone marrying a horse - it doesn’t work that way. If it did, we wouldn’t even be having the discussion because the legalisation of alcohol would have led to a drugs free for all.

    There are a lot of different drugs and a lot of different effects on individuals and society as a whole and they can’t be lumped in together.

    All that said... I’m not even sure where I stand on the issue at hand other than to say that the current approach isn’t exactly working for anybody. People are using cannabis. People are selling it. People are going to jail for what seem to be pretty small crimes around it and yet it is often tied with some nasty criminal elements as a result of it being illegal. So I would definitely be in favour of change but to what extent and what that change would look like, I don’t know.

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    If The Wire taught me anything, then we need a Hamsterdam

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    I think since the last time we discussed all this the biggest movement in both real terms and my view of it was that kick off, last year I think, about the kid where he basically needed it but the parents had hit a brick wall due to the legal limits. There was an outcry over it and the government ended up climbing down over it and relaxing the situation when it comes to provision and use for medicinal purposes.

    It's been fairly bizarre that a full medicinal review hasn't taken place already though that could be due to the amount of extra law changes that would be required and parliament being so gridlocked with Brexit for so long now. I'm much more in favour of that but it needs to be handled in the same way all other drugs are so in the end people would likely be taking tablets rather lighting up etc.

    I'm still of the view that I don't think there's a reasonable argument in favour of general full decriminalisation or availability of drugs at either end of the scale. Nor do I think we're in any real risk of it ever being made legal in that way either. The key aspect is that the law needs amending to better suit the task its there for, dragging someone over the coals for being in possession of personal use levels of a low class substance is stupid.

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    Legalise weed, most def. I know its pros and cons, I'd never say it was a panacea (quite frequently it can be very much not) but we need coppers to be catching the proper-arse villains out there.

    We need more coppers, basically. And the few we have, let's use them more effectively

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    “Dick, you’re fired!”

    ”Thank you”


    ”Nice shooting son, what’s your name?”


    *smash cut*


    (this has nothing to do with the rest of the thread, sorry)


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