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Thread: The Touryst

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    The Touryst

    Doesn't seem to be a first play for this despite being out over a week, so apologies if Ive missed it.

    Getting into The Touryst is the most I've played my Switch in months. I'm not a big fan of indie games and find myself going off current gaming more and more. However this is a breath of fresh air. It's kind of an adventure-puzzler with a vibe of number of other titles such as Fez and (oddly) Monkey Island, but all the comparables don't really do it justice. It looks lovely, controls beautifully and is highly recommended. Easily as good anything first-party the Switch has chucked out, and for 17-odd it's a steal.
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    Saw a video of this a few days back, looks amazing, think it's Switch-only though (?), which is rather saddening.

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    This looks lovely and reviewed really well but I just had a hard time figuring out what the game actually was. Sounds fun.

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    Think it could be a Switch exclusive at the mo JF.

    I'm not sure what it actually is either, it's an odd combo of things that just works.

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    The DF vid on this looked class. If I didn't have a couple of games on the go I'd have jumped in by now. I too found myself wondering what kind of game it was though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Ono View Post
    Is it download only? Can't find it online.
    Mr Ono just posted! Call off the search helicopters!

    How are you keeping?

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    I'll bite as soon as it gets a physical release.

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    Me too. Looks lovely, but I'm almost totally insistent on the physical (I sound like a demanding husband )

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