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    Cadence of Hyrule [NSW]

    Rhythm-based rogue-like + Zelda license = this.

    If you're familiar with Curse of the Necrodancer already, what you need to know is this adds a lot of structure to things; there's a world map that keeps it's layout, and the vast majority of pickups that you get (there is a typically Zelda-sized inventory) are not lost on death. It's only really in the dungeons that the game gives you the full procedurally generated experience, and even then it's nowhere near as tough as the original game given you're usually coming in already in with a decent weapon and some gear.

    What it also does really well is integrating puzzles into the mix - in particular by adding the concept of verticality, as well as the usual mix of hook shots, fire rods, arrows, canes etc to make a lot of the treasure quite hard to get to. As well as granting diamonds, killing all of the enemies on a screen also dulls the music and allows you to move at your own pace, which works very well even when transitioning back in after you change screen.

    Perhaps the most important thing that I've not even touched on yet is that it's an absolute ****ing joy to play. It's fun, it's beautifully animated, and the soundtrack is made up of wonderfully shaken-up Zelda tunes with elements of Danny B's Necrodancer tracks spliced in for good measure. As a fan of both games, it's such a perfect collision of worlds.

    I've just finished my first run of story mode as Link (in just under 6 hours) and I can imagine that putting some folks off straight away, but I can see me playing a whole lot more - particularly when some more challenging options open up. There's a Zelda run up next, and even though it's not unlocked yet I can see there's a daily challenge mode in there also.

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    What's the main hook for multiple runs? Different paths, score, ranking, simple challenge?

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    Score and speed are a definite and there's leaderboards for both, and on a completionist front there's a whole load of items that I know I missed too (about half-full on the inventory page) along with heart pieces and so on. Some of the base skills are different with Zelda so I'd wager a run with her will play fairly differently, and beyond that I'm also expecting more challenge modes to open up after. I don't even see the daily challenge option yet, so it definitely feels like there's more to unlock.

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    Lol... for some reason it reminded me of Thriller... it’s so cheesy, it’s good...


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    Is this loaded full of Zelda tunes? Will I love it for that in the same way that I love Theatrhythm for Final Fantasy?

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    They're all remixed, very well I might add, but yes! It's not quite as 'on demand' and laden with fan service as Theatrhythm, but it is still a most excellent mashup of a 2D Zelda game and one of the best rhythm games in ages.

    I've not had much opportunity to play much more, but I have been watching some more videos of it when I've had a minute. There is definitely more for me to unlock.

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    This is brilliant. It's like Crypt of the Necro Dancer was the gateway drug and this is the real deal. Die hard fans might tell me the first is the real deal as it's more hardcore but I so much prefer Cadence of Hyrule.

    The feeling of added structure and progression coupled with the Zelda-verse with its nostalgic maps and jukebox of remixed tunes is a whole load of wins. I absolutely love it.

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    This game invades your subconscious like Tetris.


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