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    Single mosquito in Chiyoda-ku makes 999999 a month working from home

    The company that’s harder to get into than Harvard’s Tropical Disease Research Department

    Meet Blinkist, the app all the mosquito CEOs are talking about

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    People who think they are perfect, especially morally, and act as such at every available opportunity.

    Except, when one drills down into their behaviours and actions, all that said actions ever amount to is constant, universal carping and criticism, never producing anything meaningful, no change, no benefit to others, that surely such perfect people could and should be producing!?!

    Like back seat drivers on everything, on life.

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    Nobody is perfect. I have a suspicion though that those who try to come across that way are very, very aware of their own shortcomings. Often it's either an attempt to hide them or an attempt to deny them and overcompensate.

    That said, that doesn't mean we shouldn't always strive for better. We are complex beings. We can have our weaknesses, our failings, our dark sides and none of that should take away from an attempt to do better. I feel we shouldn't be judged by our worst selves.

    You know, unless our worst self is pretty damaging consistently.

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    Agreed. It's hard though. Worthwhile.

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    The absolute F*****S who smashed up and stole a defibrillator at a football club the same day Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest on pitch yesterday.

    Makes my blood boil. The s***s that did this took photos of themselves doing it too. A 17 year old has been arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage.

    The South East coast ambulance has loaned a new one for the club and I suspect from the coverage it has gotten their supposed Go Fund Me has been forfilled for a new one. The only good that has come from yesterday is many football clubs are now raising money to get their own. They are literally lifesaving equipment, I have been lucky enough not ever needed to use one in an emergency but get trained with using them every year. I really hope those who vandalised that one at the football club get named and shamed but I bet they won't

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    A 17-year-old man has been arrested.

    The only good thing to take from this is that loads of people offered to replace the defibrillator and more clubs have started to get one after Eriksen's collapse.

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    School photo's time again. They sent Jr2's photo's back with one shot of her and one of the price options for an 8x6 print is 12 - there's also a group shot but she isn't even on it, it just seems to be an option for creepy people who want photo's of other peoples kids

    The theory that the school is a money laundering operation continues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Ignition View Post
    The theory that the school is a money laundering operation continues
    There's definitely a film synopsis in that!

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    Need a passport sorting out (not for me) and as it's a first adult passport they require an interview - fine. Interviews are being held over Skype due to Covid - sure, that's easier if anything.

    But as I've found, it isn't Skype - the program you find installed as default on almost every Internet-connected device - it's the significantly less compatible Skype for Business.

    Tried the phone, too old. Tried the Kindle, too old. No bother, they just got a new Kindle HD Fire with Skype pre-installed, surely can do Skype for Business? Of course not, even with workarounds. Fine then, use my Chromebook - will take normal Skype with a workaround, but not Skype for Business. At this point I was a tad irritated.

    The (hopefully) final solution is that I've had to buy a webcam so they can come round and use my desktop computer for the interview. What a load of guff.

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