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    Yeah, I asked Charles to make it into a proper thread, as it was lost in the other one I’ll play most things! But interested in any weird sim type games or the more unusual.

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    There’s a simple series game called the Haisha san where you get to be a dentist it doesn’t get weirder than that. I made a retrospective thread on that one but I’m at work on my phone so I can’t find the link i’ll Post it when I get home, if you like weird that one is near the top.

    Edit, never mind I managed to find it via a google search hehe, sadly all the screenshots were nuked when my hosting site vanished but my YouTube vid is still live.
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    Is it fun to play? It sounds a bit like pulling teeth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    Is it fun to play? It sounds a bit like pulling teeth.
    It's a little janky in places as it is a budget title after all but i did get a lot of fun from it. Having to quiz your patient about whats up with them then the examination of their gob before you whip out the needles and get going at them all the moans & squeals are replicated if you are harsh on your patients lol. cleanings, root canals, extractions crowns & fillings are all on offer for the curious player. Hell they even recreate that horrible school dentist visit experience where you have to screen kids gobs on decay. The seminar quiz segments are really hardcore, unless you went to dental school there's no way in hell you'd know the answers the devs actually put some real effort into this one despite it's budget title roots but the seminar sections can be skipped they are just bonus ways of ranking up for more cash. As you play and get better you get more money which in turn allows you to hire better staff and eventually buildings to practice in. Managed to complete this one.

    Worth it for the box art alone lol

    my 32 min play of it lol
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    I bet blobcat would like that game! I'll add it to my list

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    The kayou generation is another i'd certainly recommend one of the more obscure music rhythm games with fun songs & god awful minger singers lol

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    If you want an odd ball game go for:

    Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (Didn't get a PAL release, but I got a North American one)
    Infinite Space (Huge space adventure RPG lots of ships and fleet building and story routes, took me about 80 hours to finish.)

    On the sims front
    Theme Park got a decent Nintendo DS release
    Zoo Tycoon 1 & 2 also got DS releases

    Avoid Settlers 2 on DS that is buggy unfinished garage that can't can't even be completed

    Oh and if you enjoyed Hotel Dusk get the sequel, Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. If you like them you will likely enjoy the Layton games which are all really enjoyable puzzle games.


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