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Thread: Forza Horizon 4

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    Forza Horizon 4

    Well, yesterday I somehow rediscovered that the Game Pass trial was for a fortnite rather than seven days so I caved like a spelunker and downloaded FH4 straight away.

    For me, the original was an utter delight and a real surprise, possibly the last real home run MS knocked out for a new franchise. The sequel that followed was just brilliant in everyway, so good I did both 360 and XBO versions of the game. The third game was equally strong and if I had to levy one complaint against it I'd have to go with the setting feeling a little too similar to that of the second game.

    Here we find ourselves at the expected fourth entry and after some diverting DLC for the last game, some ambition has gone into keeping the series moving as we hit the UK streets. I'm running it on PC where there's some tinkering needed, but the auto-detect system seems to do a good job of calibrating to your specs and 4K/60fps is in place. Purely from memory, the game looks great but so far not really much of a jump on the third game. Not an issue given the bar the series is at but don't go in expecting a quantum leap, we're too late gen for that now.

    If I'm reading the info right, there's 70 events to work through and the game is structurally the same as previous games. I'm only 5 events in but so far it's the same mix of races across different on and off road types alongside some staged stunt events. The game moves at a fast pace and handles great as you'd expect, it also still sadly contains all the same Festival cutscene guff the franchise has never needed.

    The chosen setting doesn't feel to me to be particularly giving off a UK vibe but it's different enough from the last two to feel fresh and I'm settling in nicely. I'm curious if they've added anything that feels completely fresh as there's still that vague air of it being iterative or an expansion in many ways - not that that diminishes what is likely to be a GOTY contender.

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    Well its Forza Horizon 4 alright. The intro was great but i agree with the above I dont really know im in the british isles. Its great as ever and the "hosts" are annoying as ever, I still get cold sweats thinking about sean maguire.

    Same as always tho really, hoping for some surprises the further in it gets.

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    It looks lovely, controls well by despite the fact it is set in Britain, still has annoying American announcers.

    "Hey man, look at all these cool cars, wow, awesome dude, so awesome!!"

    Shuuuuuuut up you pillock

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    The announcers have always put me off this series. It was the same with the travesty that became of the Colin McRae games. Such a great series on the PS1, a proper serious racing game. Then they added all that 'Yo, whadup daaaaawwwwwwwwwg?' nonsense to the proceedings and it killed it for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddymeow View Post
    It looks lovely, controls well by despite the fact it is set in Britain, still has annoying American announcers.

    "Hey man, look at all these cool cars, wow, awesome dude, so awesome!!"

    Shuuuuuuut up you pillock
    Seriously? Man, I was really hoping for some British announcers this time round since Horizon 3 had Australian announcers. I've opted to wait for the Japanese release of this one so I can save a tenner still opening up all the secrets on the latest Tomb Raider so I'm in no hurry to start a new game.

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    Whatís all this about Americans?!

    Welsh guy on the drift club.
    American woman on the LAracer.
    Scottish guy on the worlds fastest rentals.
    English guy on the stunt challenges.
    Even the event organiser is Irish.

    There as much variety in the cast and voices as you would expect.

    Iíve already spent 24 hours on it and well on my way to equalling my FH3 playtimes, game has so much to do and see.
    Season is changing tomorrow as well, out with Summer and in with Autumn, loving the seasonal events that go with them.

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    Great game. Got my son the ultimate edition as it was only the equivalent of 60 pounds. Includes both the expansions which I always get anyway so **** it.

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    Fell asleep during my second race last night so got nowhere, missus is very tired today so maybe an early night giving me bonus Horizon 4 time?

    There's quite a few UK characters in the game but consistent with the previous games, the v/o acting is awful and the characters utterly dislikeable. Dropping the scenes would boost the games scores.

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    The gameplay is fantastic, dirt racing is particularly brilliant but **** all of the dudebro stuff. Absolutely does my head it. **** structure too, fast cars are all too easy to come by and it never really feels like you're making progress to bigger and better events and cars. The first game is still the best game.

    It's a great game overall though and looks unreal. The seasons are brilliant.

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    I really really really hate dudebro, reading that it contains dudebro has put me off massively.


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