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    All sold. Will be listing more soon.

    Nowt at present.


    Brand New. PAL Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS Special Edition Boxset. Comes with the steel book and all that malarky.

    Has a small scratch on the front as the pictures show below, other than that is brand new. Never been opened.

    38 delivered

    Advertised elsewhere also.


    Nintendo 64 - PAL Boxed
    Console is boxed complete with PSU, instructions, AV Lead and RF Lead. It does NOT include a controller. Also includes expansion pack for Majora's Mask etc.
    Mario 64 (box in poor shape and will be sent flat-packed, inc. manual)
    Snowboard Kids (boxed and in good condition - some stickers on front, but innards and box shape are very good nick, inc. manual)

    007 Goldeneye
    Banjo Kazooie
    Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Mission Impossible
    South Park
    WWF 2000
    WCW/NwO Revenge
    Wipeout 64
    ISS 98
    90 shipped

    Gamecube - PAL - Viper Chip and Full DVD-size lid installed - Boxed (box in bad shape)
    Console is boxed complete with PSU but no controller or AV cables. This is modded with a Viper chip and is running Cobra menu 1.1. It reads retail games perfectly but can be a little finnicky with 'other' media. Needs a small laser adjustment I reckon. Was planning to do it but currently don't have the time.
    Also includes boxed, complete PAL copy of Star Wars: Rogue Leader
    50 shipped

    Playstation 2 - Japanese - Aqua colour - Modded with Messiah 2. Includes FreeMcBoot + Official HDD adapter and 80gb IDE HDD - Boxed
    Console is boxed in good condition with innards and manual. Crease on box as pictured. Includes the official HDD adapter and 80gb Hitachi hard disk and FreeMcboot memory card with OPL. Also includes 3rd party RGB lead and 3rd party component cables. Will need a stepdown
    This is a limited edition aqua console with matching controller. Controller feels a tad spongy, but that could be me not being used to it!? Will run all region PS1 and PS2 it seems, although haven't confirmed PAL PS1, but see no reason there should be an issue.

    100 shipped SOLD over on BD

    Accessories and leads:

    Black Nacmo Gun-Con 2 x 2

    Two Black Japanese Ps2 lightguns in Japanese Time Crisis 2 box (for some reason)
    Guns in great nick and fully working.

    25 shipped Sold on UkVac

    Gamecube PAL Pack-a-punch RGB cable. As new.
    22 shipped
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    All sold. GC RGB lead still available.
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