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    Do you like CARNAGE in your racing games? In addition to driving cars in races and demolition derbys do you also want to drive motorhomes, buses, sit on lawn mowers and motorised sofas (yes, really)? Then have I got a game for you!

    There’s a decent single player campaign with plenty to unlock. I found myself thinking several times how ridiculous it is. And smiling at how ridiculously fun it is.

    Multiplayer can be a bit laggy on occasion but is a delight when it works. Can have a private server with up to seven friends (with bots filling in if needed).

    There’s a free one-hour demo available if you want to give it a whirl. And I recommend that you do!

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    Been playing it for months now - great game and in 4k too on the pro!

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    I've had my eye on this. Looks like something I'd get some fun out of, so I'll grab a copy when the price comes down a bit more.

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    I have a love/hate relationship with this game. Loading takes an age, single player is dull and it's a chore unlocking the good cars but when you get a packed online race on one of the crazier tracks, oh boy!

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    Real fun game, certainly the best destruction derby since destruction derby 2.

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    The more I play this the more it makes me smile. Up to the final single player championship now. Some of the events are 12 laps in the most powerful cars with tracks that have you racing towards oncoming traffic. Utterly bonkers but fun.

    Been playing quite a bit of multiplayer with friends too. Holds up really well. Some issues playing cross-region with a friend in Oz but if we set up a private server and set the region to the US it tends to be stable. For the most part. Get lag occasionally but usually not too bad.


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