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    Minit PC/PS4/XB1/Switch

    So this came out today, basic premise, you pick up a sword thatís cursed and will kill you every 60 seconds, all the items you own and find stay with you. Whilst you are exploring in 60 second chunks you will find characters that need help, new homes which you will respawn on.

    Itís a nice little exploration Zelda-lite game, which requires you to remember what you are doing and what you have done.

    Game was developed by 4 people, one of which is half of indie team Vlambeer (Luftrausers, Nuclear Throne and more) so far on my first run Iím about 85 mins in, still havenít got to the end as Iím exploring for secrets around.

    Hereís the launch trailer if you wanna take a look.

    Game costs £7.99.
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    This is really great. If you like games then you’ll like this

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilBoris View Post
    This is really great. If you like games then you’ll like this
    They should use that quote on the marketing campaign.

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    I saw someone posted about it in the what you are playing thread and it reminded me I never did finish the first play.
    I did finish the game however, three times.

    Some stats
    1st run was 414 runs totalling 356 minits
    2nd run was 147 runs at 68 minits
    3rd is a special mode took 14 runs in total.

    Enjoyed every moment I spent with that game, may have even put it on my GOTY list for 2018 as it was just that memorable (he says whilst ignoring his own first play thread) so if you get a chance to grab it, it’s like a mini game boy Zelda, more about exploration and discovery with some puzzles that need longer than a minute to solve.
    Soundtrack is really catchy as well.

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    This is at the top of my wants list (physical edition with map)

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    Never even knew this existed, just been onto ebay to snag a physical copy seeing as i missed out on the preorder run gah. Very much looks like a game i'd love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by importaku View Post
    Very much looks like a game i'd love.
    It's funny, I always thought of you when I saw it surprised you don't have it!

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    Not to rub it in, but the physical edition is very nice. Really been impressed with SRG on this front.

    No I've not played it yet, what kind of a pervert do you think I am?!

    edit: there's still physical versions with an alt cover over here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaki View Post
    It's funny, I always thought of you when I saw it surprised you don't have it!
    Well i didn’t know it existed till someone posted a screenshot of the switch ver in the what’s everyone playing this week then I saw this first play thread. Ended up having to pay above what it would have originally cost but thems the breaks. It’s visual style reminds me of undertale, a game I really liked. Looking forward to playing, only watched a trailer and a couple of reviews so far but that’s it till it arrives as I want to go in blind.


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