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    GameCube games (US-NTSC) + broadband adapter (JPN)

    As mentioned in the 'post your setup' thread, I am currently in the process of reducing my hoard of gaming-related paraphernalia. So far, I have been using mainly eBay and appropriate domestic FB groups (I live in Tallinn, Estonia). However, seeing that I recently decided (after lurking here for 15-odd years) to become a more active member of the forum, it made sense to also see if someone here would be interested in my wares. Right now, I am chipping away at my GameCube collection, so that is what this post is about.

    About shipping:

    For my peace of mind and yours, I will post the items only as a tracked package, to ensure their safe arrival. I will send you the tracking number as soon as I have posted the item. I know that most people here are based in the UK. Shipping costs for most single items to the UK will about £8 per item. I can also combine shipping if you wish to buy more than one item. I will not post outside the EU.

    About payment:
    If you are interested in anything from the above list, please contact me and I will send you my PayPal details. I will send the item
    after receiving the payment as soon as I reasonably can. In Estonia, post offices are not open on weekends, so please bear that in mind.

    About the items:
    All of the games listed below are US versions. To play them on a European (PAL) or Japanese GameCube, a Freeloader/Action Replay disc or similar region-freedom enabling measure is required (although I guess most people here already know this ).

    The games are all complete, including the game discs and the manual. They all come from my personal collection. Most of them were bought new, have seen (too) little use and are in excellent condition. Some were bought used, but are still in very good condition. Please see the pictures I have linked below for more details.

    So without further ado, I currently have the following items for sale:

    Item 1:
    SOLD (off forum): 5 common, but still great GameCube games that I only want to sell together (and frankly, tracked shipping costs would be disproportionately large compared to the actual price, if sent individually):
    Metal Arms: Glitch in the System (US NTSC) - pics: 1, 2
    Viewtiful Joe (US NTSC) - pics: 1, 2
    Sonic Mega Collection (US NTSC, Player's Choice) - pics: 1, 2
    Soul Calibur II (US NTSC, Player's Choice) - pics: 1, 2
    Super Monkey Ball (US NTSC, Player's Choice) - pics: 1, 2
    / price for the lot £33 £26 (+ shipping £13 = £46 £39)

    Items 2 - 6:

    5 also pretty solid GameCube games, sold separately (shipping can be combined):
    SOLD (off forum): F-Zero GX (US NTSC, Player's Choice) - pics: 1, 2 / £25 £20 (+ shipping £8 = £33 £28)
    SOLD (off forum): Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (US NTSC) - pics: 1, 2 / price £35 £28 (+ shipping £8 = £43 £36)
    SOLD (off forum): Skies of Arcadia: Legends (US NTSC) - pics: 1, 2 / £76 (+ shipping £8 = £84)
    Tales of Symphonia (US NTSC) - pics: 1, 2 / £18 £14 (+ shipping £8 = £26 £22)
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest (US NTSC) - pics: 1, 2 / £26 £21 (+ shipping £8 = £34 £29)

    Items 7-8:
    SOLD (off forum): A game and an adapter that were literally made for each other, so it seems only fair to offer a discount if bought together:
    Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2 (US NTSC) - pics: 1, 2 / price £30 £24 (+ shipping £8 = £38 £32)
    Broadband / LAN Adapter for the Nintendo GameCube (Japanese version, but is also fully compatible with European and American GameCubes)* - pics 1, 2 / price £60 £48 (+ shipping £8 = £68 £56)
    (*The adapter is in its original packaging. The instructions are not included, but a) they would have been in Japanese anyway and b) a wealth of usage instructions can easily be found on the Internet. The serial number is intact on the backside of the adapter.)
    / special price if bought together £77 £62 (+ shipping £13 = £90 £75)

    Thank you for taking a look and please get in touch if interested in anything!
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    Two items sold (off forum). Prices of all remaining items reduced by 20%, due to lack of interest thus far and also because of marking them down elsewhere.
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