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    DayZ - Early Access Alpha review

    Well it's finally here!

    I haven't posted on here regularly for a long time but thought I'd come back and see if anyone was playing this but sadly no thread at all mentioning it.

    ?20 for the early access alpha version on Steam right now and for anyone who loved the mod from the start then you definitely need to check it out.

    I typed up a scenario that happened to me in my first life of the game last week in the official forums:

    "I had moved north from the beginning; I always try to get away from the coast as soon as possible. I see no value in hanging around there. The relentless killing that goes on actually makes me want to kill people too to defend myself, which is not my style of play. So I headed north, hitting a few small villages on the way to Zelenogorsk from my spawn in Kamenka while I waited for my friend to reach the same place from the east coast instead.

    I had met no players the whole way, only a handful of zombies which I killed with my axe with greater and greater accuracy the further north I moved. When I reached Zelenogorsk I was amazed at the size, I hadn't really played the mod a lot on Chernarus - I mainly played Panthera - so I'm not 100% familiar with the lay of the land here which is good.

    I got myself right into the middle of town for a full on looting session, finally found my first gun amongst a variety of other items including two med kits. I was just up the road from the supermarket in one of the two storey buildings looking out the window for other survivors when I suddenly seen someone crossing the road outside. I was straight onto my friend on Skype asking him what I should do. It was my first real encounter with a survivor and I wasn't sure how to play it. I had collected a fair amount of loot and travelled a decent distance so didn't want to risk losing it. I certainly wasn't going to shoot the guy in cold blood, he was geared up and as I've said before, it's not the way I play.

    I decided I would just call out to him and see how he reacted. I preferred my chances of surviving by talking to him than by hiding. He was running around in and out of a lot of buildings and I didn't want him to chance upon me and open fire instantly. So I called out "Hey you with the green bag, I'm friendly, don't shoot me!" No reply. "Heyyy you! Running on the road! I'm upstairs, are you friendly?" No reply. I immediately think I've made a mistake and that he's now looking for me to kill me. If someone calls out to me I make sure I answer straight away in case they have me lined up and are ready to shoot. But he didn't reply. Then all of a sudden another person was running around with him. They were obviously a team playing together so I was really worried now and started to move downstairs to get outta there. I spoke out again one last time "Hey you guys! Are you friendly?" when the doors opened and in they both walked. No shots were fired though by either party. We all just stood there for a second looking at each other "I quickly shouted "DON'T SHOOT, DON'T SHOOT!" just in case they were going to but they never seemed bothered at all and finally they started talking to me.

    We moved upstairs to talk and they started asking me for medical supplies. One of them was low on blood and needed a transfusion. I checked all my gear and realised I had no idea about this blood transfusion malarkey in SA so asked him what I needed. He told me the items and it turns out I had them all, so I laid the kit on the floor and he took it and proceeded to take blood from me. I'm not sure the value or percentage taken but there was a noticeable drop in colour saturation on my screen so it must have been a sizeable amount! He then put the items back on the ground and I picked them up and transfused my blood into him. He was very thankful as I done this but after a few seconds of the transfusion finishing he collapsed right in front of me! I had no idea what happened and we spoke about whether it was due to blood type mismatch but they assured me that wasn't in the game. Finally he woke up again and they were on their way. I was sitting there organizing some of my loot after they rewarded me for helping when the same guy came back in on his own again with news...

    Apparently he was infected and was going to die. I don't know how he knew this but that's what he said. He laid down all his items, clothes, weapons, everything on the floor and said I could take them all. I was quite surprised at being offered so much good gear such as an M4, large backpack, loads of food, gas mask, tactical vest, etc. I thought it was a trick at first but I wasn't going to argue so I scooped it all up. Then he gave me the bad news...

    He wanted me to kill him. He must not have wanted to wait for the infection to finish him off, but rather be killed and start again. So he sat there with his head hanging down, with just his underwear on and me stood over him with my M4 pointed at his head. I said to him "Farewell, my friend. I will tell tales of your kindness..." and pulled the trigger. One shot from my M4 hit him straight in the head and his body slumped to the ground. With all his gear he so generously offered me and his lifeless body next to me I suddenly felt a wave of sadness hit me I haven't felt before in any game. I had randomly bumped into a stranger and nursed him back to life. We talked and laughed and shared a short time together and now he was dead right next to me because I had to put him down like an injured dog.

    I am still alive. Surviving just for him. Avoiding bandits and dropping zombies as much as I can to get further north to safety. Using his gear to keep myself going.

    There was no story to force all this to happen. No NPC characters with scripted lines. It might have only lasted 10 or 15 minutes but it was quite a powerful moment as far as video games go and I don't think I'll forget it for a while. Sadly I didn't get either players name but it was on a GB server I think around 9pm GMT on Friday night and they sounded foreign to me. It would be cool to hear from either of them if they are on the forum.

    This is why I love DayZ, it gives you the freedom to do what you want and make your own stories and memories from real encounters with real people."

    Yesterday that character finally died after almost 20 hours. I was looting a town with my friend when two random people appeared. They seemed okay and didn't do any harm for a few minutes. They just hung around not speaking which should have made me suspicious to be honest, I was a bit too trusting.

    I ran away from one of them to join up with my friend and as soon as I turned my back the guy followed me out and shot me. I was pretty angry at the time but it just makes you learn to be more careful and less trusting of strangers. Especially when they blindly ignore you in voice chat and don't even type anything back.

    So yeah, that's just some stories on the game so far. Obviously it is in Alpha stage, it's very buggy and clunky still with a lot of improvements to come but for anyone who loved the mod, this is a must have.

    Is anyone else playing? Sorry for boring you with my stories rather than reviewing the game as such. :P

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    This sounds like the best game ever. I'm definitely going to get me a PC to play this on. How do you control it? Can you use a pad for movement and shooting etc?
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    It has been my favourite game for a long time. I did put several hundred hours into the mod alone so surely this will be even more over the next few years!

    I'm not 100% sure on the controller input. I can't imagine it being officially supported so early in its development but you can get software to manually set these things up can't you?

    I believe it will be brought out on console eventually but that will probably be a long time away. It might be best if you wait a while to see if controller support happens or if there's any news on a console version down the line. The way the whole game works and the inventory especially, I can't see it being easy with a controller. There is a lot of dragging and dropping stuff which isn't easily done quickly with a controller.

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    How good a net connection do you need? My BB icon here says I'm getting 2.4mb per second. Though I have my doubts...

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    I wouldn't say you need anything faster than your average internet connection. Never experienced problems with it on a variety of connections in a variety of countries.

    It's not such a fast paced twitch reflex game like COD for instance. The fact it's a bit more slow and tactical means you are not relying 100% on seeing someone first to kill them as its not really that kind of game.

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    Is voice really needed? I don't really like talking to people online

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    Will be on this soon have waited for the standalone tho have put in some time on Arma III wasteland which seems similar.

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    Will be getting this tonight. Crappy net connection means I won't get to play til the weekend though.

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    I don't have a PC powerful enough to run this, Rossco, but I really enjoyed reading your experiences.
    It wasn't boring at all, it was like a story.

    The beauty of games like this is that no two stories will ever be identical.

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    Played several hours yesterday with friends. Made it to the military camp nw of stary sobor. Was doing well but hung around too long and got gunned down in seconds by a guy with an assault rifle.

    Imcredible experience.

    This game is bugged to hell though friend lost 6 hours of play when his character fell to his death through some stairs. It's even more unstable than the mod. He began the half hour trek back to me, picking uo just water and a little fiid in the way. 2 minutes before he reached me though I got hit by a zombe and started bleeding. I went back to our last point we were together and dumped all my gear and ran off looking for bandages. Just as I was about to fall unconscious I found a medical kit. I didn't know what was in it and fell unconscious. My mate found me, bandaged me and luckily the kit had an IV kit in there including a saline bag! I was saved.

    No other game can provide an experience like that.


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