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    Recommended image hosting site?

    For a number of years I had free webspace with my ISP that I'd use to host the odd image (mainly for selling stuff on here to be honest), but since losing that feature I've kinda put off signing up with anything else. I know there are quite a few options (imgbb, postimage, imgur, photobucket etc), but I just need one for occasional forum use that allows deletion of images after they're no longer needed.

    Would be interested to hear your preferences, thanks

  2. #2 - need an account to use it - allows anonymous upload with auto expiring - you can upload without an account but won't be able to manage without one, which you mention, is the one I tend to use for temp storage

    For longer storage and backup I use Google Photos, but you can't easily hot link photos.

    Photobucket no longer allows hot linking unless you pay (wouldn't touch them tbh).
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    I use imgbb or, if I've posted them to Twitter, I open image in a new browser and copy the address.

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    I find imgur to be really good. Can categorise and do folders on the site if you want to, but it's also super easy to just dump files from your phone on there, then pick up the bbtag version from the site.

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    I've been using '' for quite a few years and it works well. The images stay up for ages.

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    Imgur for me if I want to pop anything on here, I also have a few on Flikr but like Marty most of mine are on Google Drive and Photos.

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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone, looks like imgur or postimage perhaps (sorry Leon, I can't read German!).


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