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    Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definite Edition (PS4/XB1/PC)

    After much anticipation this was finally released last Friday. Those with keen memories may remember I loved the original Divinity Original Sin and this is more of the same. Indeed the two games are so similar I'm tempted to just copy and paste.

    For those new to the series, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an isometric role playing game (think Baldur's Gate-like visuals with Dungeons & Dragons game rules) with incredibly intricate mechanics and systems, extensive dialogue options and deep, multi-faceted combat. The game is very carefully crafted and intelligent and expects the same from its players. There's no hand holding here, no prodding you in the right direction, no tips or helpful clues, and as the game doesn't bother explaining the various systems and tools available to the player it can consequently prove quite bewildering and somewhat overwhelming, especially early on. But stick with it, experiment a little and take the time to familiarise yourself with the various abilities and methods at your disposal and you'll be rewarded with a lovely and engaging little game full of intelligence, humour and charm.

    One final thing - even on Classic (normal difficulty) the game is quite difficult early on, but don't be tempted to drop the difficulty. Experiment. Learn the systems. It's a game that rewards tactical nuance and even seemingly impossible battles can be won if approached intelligently.

    Useful beginners guide here:
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    This game is absolutely brilliant. I'm around 15 hours in now and the game just keeps getting better and better - or to be more precise I believe the game was probably always brilliant but my understanding of it has increased to the point where I can appreciate the incredible depth, complexity and open-endedness of the mechanics.

    I'm hesitant to judge things too soon (time is the ultimate revelator) but I think it might be one of my favourite RPGs, up there with Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Setting the incredible gameplay aside, the visuals and music are gorgeous, full of attention to detail and every character you meet, no matter their significance, oozes character and personality. A special mention must go to the user interface too, a poor UI can really cripple an otherwise brilliant RPG, but this one's been massively refined from the first game and is slick and intuitive. I don't find myself in the menus any longer than I need and that's always a good mark. A special game.

    Oh yeah, it's called the Definitive Edition, not Definite Edition. Dunno why I typed that in the title.
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    Thanks for first impressions, Zen Monkey, especially UI detail - glad to hear they've done a good job on that. I've got the game here ready to go on PS4, been looking forward to it for ages, but I'm bogged down in Dark Souls 3. It's the same old stuff, familiar but excellent. Just killed a massive tree by hitting it in the bollocks.
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    One day I'll play this game. I kickstarted it originally and then I heard about the enhanced edition so I put it off. I like the look of the undead dude. Thanks for the impressions!

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    I've been watching reviews for this (I bought it blind, based solely on my love of the original) and was pleasantly surprised to see how highly it is rated. The terms 'masterpiece' and 'best rpg ever' come up quite a bit. Even Mack couldn't fault it:

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    I was chatting to one of my party members last night, an undead scholar who, though fairly poor in combat, is a very charismatic figure with hilarious dialogue (he reminds me of Death from the Discworld novels) and a pretty interesting storyline so far. Anyway, yes, I was at an important juncture in the game and asked him to remain in my party, he took it the wrong way and thought I was flirting with him, I chose to play along for a laugh and the next thing I'm having sex with a skeleton and afterwards he remarked I was very good with my tongue. Brilliant. The way dialogue has been implemented and its consequences is so well done. Unlike other RPGs, you never really know where dialogue choices will lead or how people will react. There are no black and white options. It's so good.
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    I just had sex with a prostitute. A lizard prostitute no less. Necrophilia yesterday. Bestiality today. What depravity. But there is more to this game than shagging the dead and shagging animals. Honest...

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    This game sounds class Zen (not necessarily in reference to your last two posts), thanks for sharing your thoughts. I might give it a try when I'm through with Spidey. I have a feeling I might feel out of my depth though ... but it does sound ace.

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    Be honest, dude, you had no interest in the game until prostitution was mentioned. The thought of lizards in lipstick in dens of iniquity lured you in. It's their forked tongues, innit.

    Joking aside, it is a class game. I really cannot fault it.

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    Finally completed this last night. I had 112 hours on my save file. That meant I was playing around 20 hours a week and that's a lot for me. But what a game. A 10/10 for sure. Besides a couple of overly difficult, cheap fights towards the end, I honestly cannot fault it. As close to perfection as it gets. The gameplay, the systems, the AI, the userface, the freedom, the music, the voice acting, the story, the humour, the writing, indeed the writing deserves a special mention as it affords those rarest of things in video games: subtlety and maturity. It's no exageration when I say the quality of writing is book-quality. It really is that good. It had me reaching for the dictionary on more than one occasion too, such is its breadth of vocabulary (or maybe such is the narrowness of mine!).

    It's always bittersweet to complete an enjoyable epic. On one hand you know you're gonna miss playing it each night as it became almost a ritual, but on the other hand you're free to play other games and I sure have missed playing MK8 and Splatoon 2 and Dark Souls.

    But, yeah, I recommend it wholeheartedly. It's a special one.


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