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    Killer Queen Black (Switch and PC, Xbox forthcoming)

    This came out late last year, adapted from the impossible to find but apparently legendary coin-op released in 2013.

    It's a fantastic single-screen multiplayer game involving two teams of bees competing for victory, which can be done in one of three ways: 1. by collecting and storing more berries than the opposing team ('economic victory'); 2. by defeating the opponent's queen ('military victory'); 3. by riding the snail overt to your goal ('snail victory'!). There are three classes of bee (drone, fighter and queen), each with different capabilities, and the three victory conditions make for some great tactical play. The queen is powerful in attack but also vulnerable, so do you protect her or send her out to fight? Do you use your soldiers to go for the opposing queen or to protect your workers and/or snail rider? Do you toil away as a mere drone or power-up the charge cocoons and re-emerge as a glorious soldier? Such awesome depth.

    Controls are super-tight and responsive, the graphics are really cute and well-animated with real personality, but they're also very crisp - almost unbelievably, everything is clearly legible even on the small Switch screen in the heat of the moment. It's a very fast game, and the sound effects provide excellent cues to let you know what's happening. No problems getting into online matches, which were perfectly stable. Local and couch coop also supported. I counted six differently themed screens to battle across.

    I think the best way to describe it is if you pumped the old Williams coin-op Joust with steroids (you control your bee by flapping your wings in a similar way), and I adored Joust so this is great for me. Recommend it highly. 50% sale right now on Switch - about 8.

    Tense pre-match warm-up/face-off in the dugouts...

    It's ON!!!

    Last ditch kamikaze snail-dash!
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