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    What was this Vic-20 game?

    I *think* it was published by Thorn EMI (or someone similar sounding) and it was something about pyramids, egypt, pharaoh or something like that. Graphically it was extremely impressive compared to the usual Vic stuff. Can;t find details of ity anywhere! help!

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    Was it The Pharaohs' Curse?

    Edit: Anpanman pipped me.

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    Hmmm, maaaaayyybe but it's the wrong publisher. I bought a few games from the same publisher at the same time, late into the Vic's life but only the one stands out. The publisher was definitely an old school electronics company. Could have sworn it was Thorn but looking at their published games brings up nothing.

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    Was it the game where you run towards the pyramid and it appears on the horizon?

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    Only vic 20 game I can think of is RIP

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    @vanpeebles: wasn't that a C64 game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunrock View Post
    @vanpeebles: wasn't that a C64 game?
    That or early console, I'm wondering if Brad is confusing his gams.

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    Pharoah's Curse was my first guess too. I'll have a look through Gamebase20 tonight to see if anything pops out at me. Nothing from Thorn EMI leaps out either in that bracket.

    And VanPeebles is thinking of Aztec Challenge. Yes there was a Vic20 version, but it is pretty much just the inside tomb left to right gauntlet run section, not the seven stages that the C64 got.
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    It might have been that Pharaoh's Curse game. The only issue is that the publisher is definitely wrong. I wonder if Thorn EMI (or whoever it is I'm thinking about - was an unusual publisher I remember thinking) published it in the UK or something. The internet is useless. I should have been able to find this game immediately. Google, you're fired!


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