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    Doom Eternal - PS4 / Xbox One / PC

    Very early impressions based on a quick sesh before work today but great impressions so far. It feels more DOOM than DOOM 2016, which it what I wanted. 2016 was polished but this feels more old-school OTT demented with luminous highlights everywhere and heavy metal beef-on-the-bone prez and gameplay. So much fun straight away. This is DOOM.

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    Just finished level 2 and it just gets better. The combat is so satisfying, and requires quick thinking and different attacks in order to yield ammo or health to keep you going ... all in the heat of the hellish mayhem. Levels are full of secrets and added challenges too. So many great ideas in the game ... and most importantly it's just great fun to play.

    One slight gripe ... I have a feeling the platforming might become a pain at times.

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    This game is so good, its hard to see how if can ever Improve on it for any sequel.

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    Does it still have the constant meleeing for health? That really detracted from the shooting in the 2016 version.

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    Glory kills yield health, melee/chainsaw attacks give you ammo. It all feels intuitive in battle, works really well. You can strategically keep topped up with whatever you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    Glory kills yield health, melee/chainsaw attacks give you ammo. It all feels intuitive in battle, works really well. You can strategically keep topped up with whatever you need.
    Oh dear, that’s me out then. Way too distracting and the last one.

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    This game is phenomenal. Totally excessive in every way, yet finely balanced at the same time. The most impressing thing for me is how beautifully it runs and looks on my ancient vanilla PS4. Doom 2016 nearly killed the old girl off and what with the fan going crazy and bits of plastic threatening to shear off in the gale I didn't even complete the game, but this one runs smoothly and almost silently with so much more going on.

    Anyone tried the multiplayer? I had a go and did two games. Got turned inside out within moments as a Slayer, but won as one of the demons (Mancubus). Quite a lot to take in from the demon side, but I think I like it. It was a bit laggy but it was only launch day when I tried that so I hope they smooth it out.

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    After watching some vids I am tempted (even with the glory kills, which I really don’t like). Lots of online criticism though putting me off; disconnected levels, too much on screen at times, not enough ammo and silly ‘Mario in hell’, type platforming, to name a few. Frantic I can do, but neo from the matrix, I ain’t.

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    I've literally only done the first level as I've held back suspecting Alyx will pull me away. Controls wise it feels like a natural extension of Doom 2016, fun from the outset and runs buttery smooth. From the beginning moments it immediately feels like it leans more to the 90's era Doom rather than the Doom 3 onward era titles so I'll be curious to get more into it as the more it skews to the original games the less I think I'll prefer it to 2016.

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    ^ The platforming is solid, especially when you get the boost (very early) which gives you some leeway and also slams you into attachable surfaces so you can't slide off. You can also use a rune to give yourself more maneuverability in the air, and a rune to slow time while aiming in air, but I haven't felt the need to use those yet. I'm crap at FPS games, by the way, but people complaining they run out of ammo are probably camping or at least trying to pick the fight over-cautiously, are maybe forgetting to churn through the different weapons to use all the ammo they have (I've done this), are maybe forgetting to chainsaw ammo out of the demons (I've done this too), and are simply not engaging with the game as it demands to be played. The game is totally uncompromising in forcing this full-on style on the player, though, so I can appreciate how some players might feel put out. I felt the same with the parry system in Sekiro.


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