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    Yeah, the catalogue seems really good. I haven’t got to do all that much yet but, this weekend, I want to get some visiting done, maybe pick up some fruit. I haven’t seen any other towns or villagers.

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    I'll have you over later.

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    Found a red floor light Kryss, check your post. Finally found the last 2 missing fossils for that wing of the museum so any i find now i'll be holding onto to donate to people as that wing of the museum is complete, at my stats i have had 300+ fossils appraised man it didn't seem as many as that but i have been putting in mammoth play sessions while i have been off.

    Think i have enough funds saved up in the bank to start progressing the story a bit more as i have been holding off building the next area nook wanted me to.

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    Finally figured out the Amiibo process for using with the


    Once you have gotten far enough into the story and built the certain facility an amiibo option becomes available from the nook shop booth in resident services allowing you to summon an amiibo character to the


    Summoning a character will bring them to the tent and when you talk to them they will ask you to make them something if you have the craft recipe already you can go off and do it but if you haven't learnt it yet i was given a recipe for the item they wanted. When you go build the item and give it to them you usually get an item in return and you can ask them to stay.

    Here's the thing, they rarely say yes to fully moving in on their first visit they say they will have to think it over you will have to repeat this process a couple more times they only stay for a day so you will have to try again once they have returned home. Kabuki didn't agree to fully stay till my 3rd invitation you then need to find a plot for him to move into. Not sure if certain characters are harder to convince in staying or all take 3 attempts to get to move in. Either way it's a good way of gettin free items & recipes as well as new villagers too.

    Theres a villager limit so i'm going to have to choose carefully as theres a lot i like but i'm conflicted as the ones currently in my town i have grown to like, meanwhile i'm pleased i can finally use these badboys to tailor my village population to my liking. You can't invite anyone on a special card like the facility characters from the various events and shops resetti ect...

    I like how their houses are not just standard but tailored to them Kabuki's is a Japanese styled house inside & out.

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    Currently having a ball with this, managed to offload my turnips for a profit which helped pay off some house extensions. Now I can enjoy the rest of the week until I put myself through it all over again next week!

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    YES!! I managed to convince my most fave villager to come stay. Beardo you majestic bugger lol, didn't appreciate his request for a golden candlestick as i damn well knew what one of the crafting materials would be. After the obscene amount of hours i have been putting in i have come across the grand total of 4 golden nuggets they spawn rarely at all. Thankfully the candlestick only needed 2.

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    Nice work, I need to work on my generic villagers, I mean I have two Rhinos already and the village isn't even full yet...

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    My original villagers are Bunni, Deli, Carrie & Diva in the beginning i didn't think much of them but as the days have gone on i have become very fond of them all. Daily interactions & them sending me letters to see how im doing and running over to greet my with gifts has been charming.

    Enjoying collecting the music in this one, i love how you can display the records on the wall like pictures or put them all into a music player to listen to them. Trying to see how many of the songs i can find, luckily nooks store has a different one every day in the shopping catalogue.


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