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    Beardo is hilarious. The pool of starting villagers seems pretty small. I have Billy and a lot of people have Billy. Got some rhino yesterday, Rhonda, and I don’t like her. I also have Canberra and Erik (he was in my New Leaf town). But I got Tutu, a bear, and she’s adorable. She is the first villager here I really like.

    I wish I had Amiibo cards for Wart Jr and Chèvre.

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    Well in this version its a bit easier to turf out a villager you don't like you can speak to isabelle when you get to the point in the story where she comes and she will boot them off the island, i have yet to do it myself so i don't know quite how it goes down although some clown sheep moved in and i'm finding that one annoying so i may know sooner than later lol.

    Im happy Nintendo allowed the cards to work with this game, as i was half expecting them to do what they usually do and make them only work for one game. This time around they are not as cheap as ereader cards were, these things were damn expensive so it's nice having a bit more uses for them between games. Still convinced there is going to be some form of new amiibo card related stuff released to go with this game it's too high profile to not get something i have subscribed to nintendos animal crossing twitter account to keep in the loop but i'll be checking nintendo japan frequently too. I'll be keeping my eye out for books as there have been design books released for past games that had patterns for you to copy the newer ones started having the qr codes in them as well.

    Spotted that nintendo are selling merch for this game on their online store i got an email from the japanese side and it had pics of the dodo air tote bags, wonder if i could rig tenso to get this stuff shipped?
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    I've been discussing the animals' characters with my kids. We all think they're much more rounded and interesting than previous Animal Crossing games. I used to hate all the jock animals, but I have a tiger who's sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, and always varied. It's a real positive about this game.

    Still just about prefer New Leaf though. There are times in ACNH where I feel I'm just grinding for cash or Nook miles. And there's not enough to do yet. Where are the extra characters? Or the mini games? It's all feeling slightly sparse. That said, I'll still play it every day for the next year...

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    Yeah, it’s very early days but I was having similar thoughts earlier. And was wondering just how much is just built on the previous games. Writing letters still doesn’t seem to know how to shift things to the next line, The designs are all exactly the same res as New Leaf. So much is just carried over and feels like I’m continuing New Leaf with the lack of a town street making it feel like Wild World. I do suspect there will turn out to be much more to this game and they’ll add a lot but it doesn’t yet add much to the Animal Crossing mix.

    Anyone know if there are still perfect fruits? And persimmons?

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    They are in the game, however they do sadly break but they apprently last ages before they do but seeing as some require gold to make they are gonna be a pain to get as gold is pretty rare to find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by importaku View Post
    YES!! I managed to convince my most fave villager to come stay. Beardo you majestic bugger lol, didn't appreciate his request for a golden candlestick as i damn well knew what one of the crafting materials would be. After the obscene amount of hours i have been putting in i have come across the grand total of 4 golden nuggets they spawn rarely at all. Thankfully the candlestick only needed 2.
    I think the trick with golden nuggets is to get them from the Mystery Island Tours.

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    Well I've just clapped eyes on my next long term goal (after completing my house) and that is to construct the Robot Hero. I've bought the design and the ingredients look like high end things that need crafting themselves (gold armour?), plus seemingly super rare rusted components!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post

    My gate is open
    Title of your sex tape

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    My new neighbour looks delicious, never had octopus villagers before. He gets bonus points for been part cooked lol mmm takoyaki


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