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    Done enough to get my tent upgraded to what i assume will be house when i wake up tomorrow, however i'm a bit miffed they decided to hide gameplay improvements behind nook miles+ trade in's, the tool ring and more custom art tools should just be given to you, im fine with them locking bigger inventory and new hair styles behind it at least.

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    Impressions have sold me Just bought the digital version (39.85 @ shopto).

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    Nevermind, we figured out the island visiting. Can someone please explain a simple game loop for my kids to understand? Are there fetch quests to earn the bells? My kids won't let me on long enough to find out.

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    It’s not so structured as to have fetch quests but they can pick up weeds and junk and fruit to sell for bells.

    I was told it wouldn’t arrive until next week but was surprised when this dropped through my letterbox this morning. I’m now all set up on the island and have my tent and my first two villagers (Canberra and Billy). It’s totally gorgeous!

    My kids are already bugging me, with one of them dumping their tent on MY beach. Damn them. Not into the island sharing at all. Anyway, it’s gorgeous!

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    from what i can see, the main loop is collecting nook miles, which is points given out for first time events and collecting milestones, this in turn also acts as way to start new events through Nook like upgrading the tent to house, getting new villagers in, QoL improvements to gameplay etc,etc.

    So doing anything in the game from collecting weeds, fishing, digging to making items from blueprints (found, gotten off neighbours or bought with bells or nook miles) adds to the nook miles(+)

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    I really enjoyed this back on the Gamecube but this thread isn't selling it to me as a 37 year old so sadly it looks like BalsDeep won't be rebuilt.

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    Let's see if we can have all 6 different fruit by the end of the weekend.

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    I feel like I have already done too much for one day. It’s moving too fast!

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    I got a letter from "Mom" on day 2 with cherries. I've already planted one, so will have more to distribute in 3 days.
    Also, watch out for a little bit of light poking out of the ground - the planted money bag from the GC version are back!

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    My town now contains pears coconuts and peaches but the pears and coconuts are still growing so no fruit yet i did plant a money bag in a glowing spot so i will hopefully have a money tree too if it takes hold, not bought online pass yet so i cant do multiplayer island hopping but i wonder if you can send letters to other villagers without needing online i shall test in a moment. Managed to Help Gulliver and he promised something cool in the mail in a few days i wonder what it will be, also helped Blathers do stage 1 of the museum. Used a lot of my miles to upgrade my pockets and get the tool wheel now don't have enough to get a ticket to do resource island hopping so i have called it a day till it gets dark then i'll see if anything interesting pops up in the trees.

    Managed to find a gold nugget so i have a feeling that gold tools are something you are able to craft in the future i'm going to predict that if you manage to get a gold tool it will last forever. Today it's been raining on the island all day and it's been wonderful the sound of the rain when you are in your house or in a tent is super relaxing as is the thunderstorm that happened with the lighning making it look very cool i love all the little details like the ripples on the water as the rain hits it's just a really nice enviroment to hang out in i hope Nintendo add in a load more content as i do miss the Gyroids. Wonder if they are planning to add microtransactions into this game? i was surprised to see there haven't been any so far i was convinced there would be something dodgy in there. Hoping there isn't as i'd hate for stuff to be locked behind paywalls.
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