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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    I can’t be bothered with it, to be honest. Not a fan of the longer grind where there really is no element of competition or surprise at whether you win or not. It simply is ‘do the thing long enough to earn items’.
    I’ll have a boat-load of spares of the rewards, You can come and help yourself to a set.

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    Flick will also buy your regularly caught insects as usual. I just sold almost 1m worth of scorpions.

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    I’ve got one of those crazy meteor storms today.
    It starts at 7pm and runs all night, I’ll open up just before. Celeste May make an appearance too.

    Last chance to grab any of the bug gear too, before I flog it off to the Nooklings for pennies.
    Tons of DIYs to grab too. (Too many to list).

    My nips have peaked (!) at about 120. Again.

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    I still can't believe I missed rainbows in May and June. I had no idea.

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    They seem to happen midday-ish after rain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    They seem to happen midday-ish after rain.
    Ah I don't play in the middle of the day so I guess I'll never see then in my island.

    I've actually not played this for two days straight which is a bit of an odd feeling, but I think I'll jump in tonight to try and get a slice of the meteor show promised earlier
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    So the update dropped at 7pm for me, and I was swimming at 730 (after getting in some Rocket League).

    You can buy the swimsuit at Nook's, I'm expecting a few colour/design variations.
    You'll also find a letter from Nintendo with a snorkel mask. I got a pink one and sent it to a couple of people. Always happy to get other colours!
    There is a Bamboo Branch for Tanabata (July 7th) in the Seasonal tab in Nook Shopping, and under the clothing section there is an "Other" section with the swimsuits.
    I didn't get any of those special things that get you Mermaid series stuff, but it's raining at my place tomorrow so I'm going to be dredging the entire ocean looking for them. You do also get a third section of creatures to go with insects and fish, although this one is half the size.
    The biggest question for me now is: is there a visitor who will make models of the creatures for you, like CJ does for fish and Flick does for insects. If there isn't I'll just sell everything I don't donate and save myself some more storage space.

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    Downloading update before i head out to work you'll all probably start to see me online playing again although i won't have a huge amount of time this week as my rota is garbage this week my next day off is monday so i'll try to come village hopping. No idea what state my town is going to be in as i havent booted it up in over 3 weeks now.


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