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    My Island isn't much to look at but my dream address is this if you want to visit;


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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post

    Okay, just updated my Dream for a little experiment. I have all 6 Snorkel colours today and have put them out to the left of my airport. There is 1 of each on display, and another dropped in front for you to pick up. I'm wondering if you pick them up in a dream are they catalogues for when you get back to reality? You can't check your catalogue in a dream sadly. Go see!
    Just snaffled your snorkels in my dream, but only have the 3 I already had catalogued when I got back.

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    My bug-stacking exploits (in anticipation of a Flick visit) have led to some pretty severe frame-rate drops!

    I’m 100% small spike this week, I’ll let you know what it gets up to. 200 max by the looks of it.

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    It's not just bugs I find but anything you put outside. Or there are just massive frame rate drops anyway.
    I hadn't noticed anything until the July 3rd update.

    Okay, so there are 6 snorkel mask colours let me know who what's what: green, blue, yellow, orange, red, pink and greyish.

    I sent out a few bits this morning to known collectors but if I missed anyone, let me know and I'll get what you want to you. I sent bronze Garden Lanterns and geometrical Tapestries.
    Last edited by kryss; 03-08-2020 at 07:19 PM.

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    The bugs and fish are crazily over detailed for what they are though.
    I can see why 100 flapping butterflies and wriggling fish might have an effect.

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    You were over my place when I had my scorpion mountain though and it wasn't that bad. That was 77 of the little buggers.

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    Stupid question.
    Do you need an online subscription to visit other people’s towns?
    What happens if you don’t have one?

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    Looks like a new bug fix update has released and the internet is mad as hell as it removes the hacked in star fragment trees and all the other ones people were flogging on eBay lol.

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