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    Tiny thing but I find it harder to see past trees in this one. Not sure why - I haven’t loaded up an earlier one to compare. I think maybe earlier ones had the trees pop away when close or something. Not sure.

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    I know many time-travelers already have a full metropolis on their island, but today I say goodbye to my lovely tent and have to move 'up' in the world.

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    Yeah, I felt that. And am I the only one who wished the museum started a lot smaller? I like the baby steps. I mean, I won't judge you time travelling monsters but I like that slow progression and little bit at a time gameplay.

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    Time travel seems to be a sore point on twitter, I’m staying WELL away from that discussion on there.
    Seems we gotta lotta clout seekers, meme makers and streamers all killing each other to accumulate the most using time travel or the replication glitch (patched out today) I can’t wait until they can’t stand playing the game any longer than 15 mins because there’s literally nothing to do except play it on event days, first event is coming up April 1-12th Easter/Bunny Day.

    I finally paid off my first loan, so house expansion and island services due for an upgrade tomorrow.
    I’m still going round and buying all the fashion I can get my hands on, leaving me poor every day.

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    I'm glad the duplication glitch was patched out as that caused some pretty horrible glitches that you cant remove if they happen. Don't want the chance of people trying that stuff in my town and leaving me with an item glitched into the floor that i can't get rid of. Does anyone know of a way to check what fossils they are missing as the only method i can see is going into the museum and seeing what parts of the skeletons are missing on the stands, as my museum is getting fuller it's hard to tell what is missing now as you cant zoom in really close on the exhibits. I think i'm only 2 or 3 missing from what i can see. I'll start saving the ones Blathers doesn't accept as i'm planning on having a fenced aread like the dump in previous games where i can dump unwanted items for visitors to take home with them. There's usually about 6 fossil spawns in your island in a day so i have a lot of spares but i have been selling them at the moment but now house is paid off i can help others fill in their museum gaps as it's really worth getting that museum complete as it looks amazing inside i find myself hanging out in there a lot as it's just so pretty i really wish we could look up and close at the exhibits i have been using photo mode to zoom in a but more but it's not ideal.
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    Slowly turning my island into a tropical Tiki getaway, finally designed a flag. If anyone has the easter island head in their shop i'll pay bells for one. It hasn't appeared in my game yet but i remain hopeful, i did get a lawn flamingo via the post though from a kind person that was actually something i wanted to find.

    Speaking of which, when is Mr Thang going to create some amazing pixel art for this game? i can only imagine the flags and textures he'll be able to create.

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    I will get on it!

    Is there a trick to using amiibo in Harv’s place? None of mine are doing anything. What am I doing wrong? Was wondering if my controller was broken but tried another and still no results. What do I do? Is there a button I’m supposed to press that I’ve missed?

    Edit: turned out to be my Switch. Or controller. Or both. I restarted the Switch and it still doesn’t work with one controller but does with the other. Pox anyway. More controller issues. Anyway, at least I can use the amiibo now.
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    Well i found out something new by mistake, the glowing spots that you find every day that you can dig a bag of bells up and then plant a bag of bells back in to get a money tree, i accidentally planted a bag of 99,000 bells by mistake and i thought i had lost it all as i read online that the max it gives out is 10,000 bells. Apparently not as i went back to see what had grown and i was stoked to find 3 bags of 99,000 each. So anyone wanting to make some nice money try and save up to 99,000 for when you find a glowing spot.

    Edit, how strange i tried again and went back to a tree i planted 99,000 and only got 10,000 bags. I wonder what i did different? I have just looked it up online it seems others have had the same thing and it appears to be random, maybe not worth risking then lol especially if you are starting out and bells count.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    Tiny thing but I find it harder to see past trees in this one. Not sure why - I haven’t loaded up an earlier one to compare. I think maybe earlier ones had the trees pop away when close or something. Not sure.
    The cedar trees are taller, and so is the fully grown bamboo. It's not you!

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    Wishlist right now: floor light (any colour but purple, I have that)

    I like how you can specify the colour you want when ordering from the catalogue.


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