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    Quote Originally Posted by cutmymilk View Post
    So, I pretty much should be using fruit to plant trees early on, yeah?
    You will get quite a bit for selling fruits not native to your town, plant loads as you can always get rid later in the meantime it will give you a steady income stream along with if you are playing the turnip market. In my town the volume of trees nets me about 150.000 bells a harvest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post

    Is that when resident services upgrades to a building?

    I hope it changes again after that, because I'm not liking it either.
    Ah yes sorry that's what I meant, I'm not aware of it changing after that...

  3. #133
    OOOOOOH i found out you can plant coconuts outside the beach, there's a way to do it and it's pretty clever.

    Spoilers as it involves using something from the post game.

    Once you get the terraforming tool and you have bought the correct permits you can make paths in your town one of the path tiles is sand. If you make a square of sand the game will let you place a dug up coconut tree directly onto it as they are only allowed to be placed on sand. No hole digging required and now you can coconut up this bitch

    btw i'm now paying a 50,000 bounty on easter island moai heads i think you can't buy them or craft them they are only available from Gulliver so i'm gonna struggle to get multiple if anyone gets one and doesn't want it i'll pay bells for them as it's the theme of my island.
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    Phase 1 of properly building stuff complete, my tiki back yard is finished. I'll tailor it as new items come into hand as i'm sure i can easily improve the look with the small little details.

    Tiki bar

    Pool & BBQ area

    Secluded chill out area

    If you put radios or music players reasonablyclose together you can drown out the games music with tracks of your own choosing once you have put some of the songs into them from finding or buying them currently have the KK Aloha track playing.

    If anyone wants to come have a nosey & a bbq feel free to pop over tomorrow i'll open the gates.

  5. #135
    Love the pool. Did you buy that or build it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marius View Post
    Love the pool. Did you buy that or build it?
    Itís bought at the resident services terminal using nook miles itís one that gets delivered and not a diy recipe.

  7. #137
    I still havent got my shop as getting 30 irons is proving difficult. I have 4 rocks on my island that I can access and even going on the dodo island trip didnt get me much. So I think I have to wait for tomorrow, hit my rocks and hope for the best?

    Fruit only grows back every 3 days too so looking like a couple of weeks before a similar harvest, importaku!

  8. #138
    You can do the Nook Miles Ticket trips to pick up more iron.

    Aside from that... anything else to be found on those trips? I got to one place with bamboo but, other than that, they've all just had the same stuff as my own island.

  9. #139
    I've done two or three Nookie Ticket trips and it's mostly just an excuse to double up on the same items for me too. I got my hands on some coconuts and buried a few on my beach which are growing atm. Mostly I just need a way to reach the high grounds on my island now. That and log stalks which haven't come up once yet but I need them for a bridge.

  10. #140
    Didn't have much trouble collecting the 30 items to upgrade. Probably because I kept going to a mystery island trying to find a new fruit and collected a ****e load of wood, stones and iron.
    The misses has been watching me play it on the switch lite. I ended up buying new leaf again on the 3ds and now she's happy


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