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  1. #161
    Quote Originally Posted by importaku View Post
    those boxes in nooks cranny i start laughing.
    Perhaps that IS a picture of Nook's Cranny?

  2. #162
    Quote Originally Posted by importaku View Post
    Damn i know i have been playing a lot didn't think i'd be near the 100 hour mark already lol, it hasn't felt like 90 hours that's pretty terrifying hehe
    You are on every time I am Sir so I'm not surprised!

    In other news here is a chart version of importaku's fossil checklist you can paste into an excel/google sheet to track:

    EDIT: This chart was orignally missing some, now corrected:

    Fossil In museum? Number spare
    Ankylo skull
    Ankylo tail
    Ankylo torso
    Archelon skull
    Archelon tail
    Brachio chest
    Brachio pelvis
    Brachio skull
    Brachio tail
    Deinony tail
    Deinony torso
    Dimetrodon skull
    Dimetrodon torso
    Dinosaur track
    Diplo chest
    Diplo neck
    Diplo pelvis
    Diplo skull
    Diplo tail
    Diplo tail tip
    Iguanodon skull
    Iguanodon tail
    Iguanodon torso
    Left megalo side
    Left ptera wing
    left quetzal wing
    Mammoth skull
    Mammoth torso
    Megacero skull
    Megacero tail
    Megacero torso
    Opthalmo skull
    Opthalmo torso
    Pachy skull
    Pachy tail
    Parasaur skull
    Parasaur tail
    Parasaur torso
    Plesio body
    Plesio skull
    Plesio tail
    Ptera body
    Quetzal torso
    Right megalo side
    Right ptera wing
    Right quetzal wing
    Sabertooth skull
    Sabertooth tail
    Shark-tooth pattern
    Spino skull
    Spino tail
    Spino torso
    Stego skull
    Stego tail
    Stego torso
    T. rex skull
    T. rex tail
    T. rex torso
    Tricera skull
    Tricera tail
    Tricera torso

  3. #163
    I think the easter event is live as i just went out my house to a money tree and all the bags had turned into easter eggs.

    and 2 easter striped balloon present balloons just appeared one holding a easter event item and the other a easter crafting material. get searching people. It must have gone live in japan first hence everyone else getting it even though it's not weds yet.

    Seems the buried X marks can be earth eggs, balloons either hold sky eggs of easter crafting recipes and trees have leaf eggs growing on them but also there's wood eggs from chopping trees, sea eggs come from fishing and stone eggs come from bashing rocks.
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  4. #164
    Just thought, itís April tomorrow.
    Any fish or insects disappear that I might not have caught yet??

  5. #165
    Seems you can find rainbow bottles on the beach during the easter event for diy recipes and you also can get recipes for getting a lot of a certain kind of egg.

  6. #166
    Quote Originally Posted by Budge74 View Post
    Just thought, it’s April tomorrow.
    Any fish or insects disappear that I might not have caught yet??
    Sadly yes, I'm short a few and they are all the rare ones:

    Yellow Perch
    StringFish (Rare)
    Sturgeon (Rare)
    Football Fish
    Sea Butterfly

    Emperor Butterfly

  7. #167
    Yep not got sturgeon or stringfish
    im a patient chap though so will wait for them to return.

  8. #168
    Quote Originally Posted by punio75 View Post
    Yep not got sturgeon or stringfish
    im a patient chap though so will wait for them to return.
    Now that's the attitude I should be taking, rather than mass fishing in a desperate rush. In other frustrating news, I had three tarantulas saved for Flick but needed to sell them first thing this morning to fund my clothing explosion created by the Mabel Sisters opening. As I walked over to the other side of the island, who should I spy but Flick himself. Plums.

  9. #169
    Quote Originally Posted by Briareos View Post
    StringFish (Rare)
    That badger is the only one Iím missing.
    The hunt is on!

  10. #170
    5 hours of gameplay later i managed to complete the easter set, man you have to hunt everywhere for eggs. You need a lot too so i recommend getting about 40+ of each. DIY recipes are either in the rainbow balloons, washed up on the beach in rainbow bottles, given to you by a random villager they call you over like they do when they teach you a reaction. Getting a set amount of each kind of egg will give you an idea that unlocks a diy costume for that egg type for you to make if you get all 6 a extra 7th diy costume will unlock as well.

    Once you have found and crafted everything Zipper will give you the last of the missing set which you have to craft and speak to him again to get the final piece, if you show him all 6 types of egg you'll get something too.

    Man it looks so nice. Even with the lights out the cozy glow is fantastic, will leave it spoiler tabbed.

    Theres also easter egg fences but i cant place those inside. Now gonna grind for eggs for the rest of the week so i can build multiples of stuff if needed.
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