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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    So, I've been lightly plucking away at this and I think the first thought - though it may be memory playing me because of how long it's been for this franchise - is that it feels slower paced to get going than before. You're limited on your island in terms of player space at first and there isn't a whole lot to do as the game seems to want to slowly ease you in but those familiar with AC's loop will be more eager to get stuck in working on their collections and freeing their debt to reclaim their mortal soul from the dark claws of Tom Nook.

    It seems to be largely business as usual with two townsfolk arriving with you as you set up your tent and begin collecting wood and fruit. It's beyond hope that you can unlock Mario Galaxy in this I guess

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    Never played an Animal Crossing game before but it looks like it might be just the tonic in the coming months. May take the plunge ... once I've kicked large amounts of demon ass in DOOM.

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    Only played for about an hour , it’s more of the same and utterly lovely . Off to do more ocd weeding of Bellend

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    LOL bellend i love it both evoking a quaint english garden cottage & yet a sneaky insult i'm surprised Nintendo didn't catch that one lol, i'm just a few hours away from my island its curently sat on a amazon van somewhere for delivery before 9pm. This ones gonna feel weird as it's the first time i'll have played one in english before it's japanese version as they always came out in Japan first genuinely curious if it's a multilingual version as it came out same day as japan this time. Lets hope they can connect to each other for island visiting i do miss the wonderful Japanese shop signs and stuff as they always used a charming style of font.

    My amiibo cards are on standby to see just who they left out of the game, praying my faves are still in there.

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    had a little play around with the design editor

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    Played it from 12-3am last night and from 11am-5.00 today. So you could say I'm enjoying it. There's something slightly OCD-annoying about the Nook Miles, and the flimsy weapons break too easily, but everything else has been a slow, steady, fantastic voyage of discovery.

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    I got this each for my 6 yr daughter and 7 yr old son. I'm hoping now Tom Nook has stopped yapping (kids and their patience),that the game has a bit more freedom?

    They are happy enough designing t-shirts at the moment

    Was looking to get them online together via the Flights place but he said come back tomorrow
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    Called my island Shimajima.
    Obviously I wanted to call it Shima uma jima but that was too long.

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    Had a quick play. Looks like i don't need a Japanese version the english one is multilungual you can play in Japanese if you change your systems language settings so if i fancy enjoying all the in game signs in Japanese its only an option away yay.

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    Played for a few hours till there's not much left to do now till the next day, caught a load of fish & insects, paid off nook for the travel costs asked him to upgrade my tent to a house so the slippery debt slope starts lol. Bought a upgrade recipe set for my tools and found a boot while fishing that has given me another recipe. Also got a message in a bottle that had a recipe in it too annoyingly just like the other games a damn present on a balloon went floating by to taunt me as it damn well knows i don't have a catapult yet but so far it's been great the enviroments are so pretty as is the sound of the wind in the trees and the ocean. The graphics are simple yet they have a real look to them like they are a mini model you are on i find it really appealing. Need to buy online now i think so i can start diversifying as my island has peaches on it.


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