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    Quote Originally Posted by importaku View Post
    Ok ill quickly resync and open my gate, cheers

    Edit. Gates open now, help yourself to any of the spareDIY recipes in the free bin outside the airport.
    On my way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briareos View Post
    On my way
    Thanks for the bouquet i was only expecting one hehe. Just as you were leaving shooting stars started coming down, looks like i will have some star fragments on my beach come tomorrow morning as i managed to wish on a few as they went by. On another pleasing note it seems the happy home academy was rather impressed with the one room in my house that doesn't look like a hoarder has just moved on lol Now have the second tropy for getting 100,000 points i have no idea what value you have to reach for the final gold but something tells me all my rooms are gonna have to be amazing for it to get there.

    One thing i really do love about this game is the lighting and shadows they are so detailed, during the day the clouds casting shadows as they move across the sky right down to even bees having tiny shadows in relation to the lighting and how the colours change as it approaches sunset indoors there is some super comfy feeling warm lighting. It looks basic but there's some fancy enviromental rendering going on. This game isn't some graphical tour de force however it has a wonderful cozy feeling which is why people are getting sucked in.

    Never got around to taking a lights off shot of my games room, not sure if there's any more arcade machines in nooks cranny but it's the closest i'll get to having an arcade. If only you could play on them. I wish stuff had minigames in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by importaku View Post

    Do you need a pinball table? I should be able to order you one I think...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briareos View Post
    Do you need a pinball table? I should be able to order you one I think...
    Its there hiding to the left of the tv hmmm just though does yours say haunted house on it? mine says haunted house im wondering if there is different pinball tables like there are with arcades. Btw if you need an arcade i can mail you one.

    The pinball is delightful i was blown away when i saw a little ball get kicked into play, such detail.

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    PSA: Check your turnip prices! I'll be checking mine soon. Getting nervous now.

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    Mines are currently at 127, up from yesterday’s 60.
    I have my fingers crossed for another jump at noon, if it goes higher I feel I may sell sell sell whilst I’m in profit.

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    Theres a new update today that fixes a few bugs including one where a villager that was evicted with amiibo glitches someones house space if another player visiting accepts them. They never move in and the sold space just stays there.

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    55 a nip this afternoon. Market has collapsed in my town.

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