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    7739-2942-4196 - Skegnam - Mikey - Oranges
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    Cheers, have dropped you some cherries.

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    Cheers for the oranges Budge, now have a full set of fruits YAY step 1 complete. Now to abuse those money trees lol

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    Thanks all. Got the set now.
    Left some oranges and other bits by the gate, please help yourselves.

    Should we use this thread for turnip prices from next week?
    Itís the only way to make big cash, and the more people trading, the better the chances...

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    I think posting in here makes sense.

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    Sound good to me... is it still Sunday mornings?

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    Sunday morning to buy, every other day the prices are updated every morning and afternoon.

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    4522-8682-7802 - Pencarnan - Simon (me) - Cherries
    0528-6797-8676 - Pencarnan - Morgan (son) - Cherries

    My son Morgan and I are sharing an island, he's the boss and is 'down' with meeting the old NTSC crew, so please feel free to give us both an add or just add me if you prefer.

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