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    My island is an awful state right now but gates are open for a bit.

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    Sorry, quick visit. My boss rang lol

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    My gate is open if anyone is about!
    Kit just met my mum, lol.

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    was that actually your mum? haha brilliant

    i'm open now guys (would love some oranges if anyone pops down )

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    Got my first duplicate fossil today.
    Iíll leave any spares outside my gate.
    Donít be tempted to sell them when you get any.
    The randomness of them means that without trading itís virtually impossible to get the set.

    (Itís a Quetzal Torso btw)

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    Late to the party but I'll be adding you all tonight:

    2228-1127-2910 - Elysium -SecondSon - Oranges/Apples/Coconuts

    You may not remember me but I did join you guys on the early Kappn Island excursions in New Leaf, and nicely I still had Punio as a friend on my switch (which ported over from the 3DS)

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