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    I also have Illuminated Reindeer and Snowflake Pochette if anyone needs them.

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    Celeste is here again, if anyone wants a diy.

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    If anyone still buys nips, mine are at a ridiculous 621 ‘til midday.
    Msg me if you want me to open up?

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    Wow! If I was working from home...

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    So I’ve been through the guide book (which I don’t trust 100%) to see which DIYs I’m still missing.
    Apart from the Celeste ones (which I’ll get eventually) there are only really a few.
    If anyone gets any of these as a spare, please hold on to them for me?

    Birdcage (Big Sister)
    Iron Garden Bench (Big Sister)
    Ironwood Cart (Smug)
    Stack Of Books (Lazy)
    Chocolate Herringbone Wall (Smug)
    Apple Umbrella (Big Sister)
    Cherry Dress (Peppy)

    Also, I only seem to have got a few of the crown and wreath DIYs, not sure why. Are they more uncommon?

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    Finally got my Gold Rose Wreath DIY on Sunday - it washed up on the beach!
    Finally don't need to rely on my mum crafting for me now!


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