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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    My turnips are 423. Gates open if anyone wants in on that. Let me know! Otherwise I might pop on Bioshock...
    Yes please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Budge74 View Post
    Yes please!
    Cool. Come over!

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    Thanks Dogg.
    Nick of time.

    Anyone want any Summer Shells?
    I have an abundance, and it seems a shame to craft them away for bells.

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    Redd is here today.
    He has:

    Warm Painting (Legit!)
    Mona Lisa (Fake)
    Venus De Milo (Fake)

    Gates are open while I’m working.
    Please take DIYs and if you wanted to water the roses in the top right and bottom right pens, that would be fab.

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    Unless someone has a nice price going on right now, this is going to be a bad week for the turnips.

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    Celeste is here as well as Redd.

    Got a handful of stars starting at 10:09 to 10:23.

    Gates open til then.

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