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    180 bells for turnips in my town if anyone needs a last minute offload?

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    Does anyone have a spare lucky cat recipe? ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by Budge74 View Post
    Thanks to whoever watered my flowers yesterday, got some quite brilliant results.
    It really does make a huge difference, so I’m happy to reciprocate if anyone else is breeding at the moment.

    Looks like I might have a meteor shower this evening, I’ll open up later if it’s true.
    You are quite welcome! I'll be over for the meteor shower if you do have one.
    Also, if anyone wants the Starry Sky wallpaper, send me 5 regular and 1 large fragment and I'll craft it for you.

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    Got a half-decent meteor shower going on.
    The gates are open for a little while if anybody wants to nab some fragments.

    No sign of Celeste though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    Be over now.
    Thanks for the watering.
    Is that starry sky animated?
    If I get a big fragment tomorrow, I might send some over..

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    It's not animated but there is a parallax effect when you move the camera and the relative positions of stars change.

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    is it possible to join in here with you all, I've been a member for a long time, but not contributed much, but yesterday sold my turnips for 50 bells having brought at 110, with a decreasing week checking to my horror each day

    It would be nice to join in with trustworthy people, but I don't have any IRL friends playing switch or ACNH (I'm 45 and male so not sure I should be playing it)

    I've brought today again at 101 as I believe the starting prices is between 90 and 110 each sunday.

    can I join you ? or can someone point me in the direction of a safer alternative please?

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    ^ Just check the first post on first page of this thread and make with the friendly codes.

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    I think we're all pretty safe, and in the 35-60(?) age range.


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