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    Got Samurai helmets in the shop today, if anyone wants any.

    Alfonso will be in boxes tomorrow too, if anyone wants a dumb crocodile who says “It’s a-me”, let me know tomorrow and I’ll open up.

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    Another decreasing week for the turnips by the looks of it. Redd is here with 3 fakes today. If anyone wants to pop over, let me know.
    Jolly, Quaint and something else.

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    I missed out on buying turnips again this week so I'm off the rollercoaster for another week!

    I'll keep checking the prices just in case for you guys.

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    Remember you can always buy from my island later in the day.

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    Storage finally filled up, I had to go through a bit of a painful clear out. Most of it was clothes, it turns out buying one of each colour of each item in the shop (that I didn't already own) filled it up! clearing it out was the real pain, selecting each item individually to put in my inventory to then drop into the bin I was stood next to took ages. Plus you have to be careful not to trash anything that you cannot re buy. I dearly wish they could put icons on these unique items to help, I dread the time when I'll have to do it for wallpapers and floors, needing to cross check against the sahara lists, event lists and craftables will be a right kick in the Nooks Cranny.

    How has everyone else managed their storage? Is it just Nuggets and irreplaceables or have you been a hoarder like me?

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    Why trash when you can sell? I'm clearing my clothes by giving them to islanders.
    I've been hoarding. I have 3 of each fish and insect ready to make models of them. That is a big chunk of storage considering how infrequently Flick and CJ are on the island. I try to sell all craftable items rather than keep in storage.
    Today Iron Worktables are on special at Nooks, so I've made 900k from all the iron I had stored! I stopped chopping wood unless I really need to do that it wouldn't fill my storage too.


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