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    Drago turned up at mine the other week, so they wouldn't be the first.

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    Heavy meteor storm this evening, and Celeste is here.

    Redd’s here too, he’s got:
    Anatomical Painting (Legit)
    Scary Painting (Fake)
    Venus De Milo (Fake - If anyone would like to get this for me, that’d be cool).

    Nips are at 149 too, if you wanna bail early.

    Please take DIYs, there’s tons that I’m gonna bin..

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    I'll be along!

    That's an Academic Painting btw.
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    Redd here.
    Taken the real flowery painting.
    but there are fakes of
    Serene painting
    Wild painting right half
    informative statue

    if anyone wants

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    Got a handful of seasonal DIYs to trade:

    Yellow-leaf pile
    Leaf campfire

    Spooky Lantern
    Spooky Lantern Set

    I’m missing some of the spooky DIYs, and it’s getting dangerously close to Halloween...

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    Quote Originally Posted by punio75 View Post
    Which ones do you need?
    Just Googled it, turns out there’s a few you can only get on the day, so I’m all set...

    If anyone is missing the ones above, lmk and I’ll mail em out.

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    Celeste is here, along with a heavy meteor storm.
    Come and get your Scorpio DIY.

    Nips are at 160 too.

    Take DIYs!

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    Missed this but she was at mine anyway.
    Heavy shower at mine on Nov 9th if anyone is up at 6am.


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