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Thread: Half-Life: Alyx

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    I've scored this 10/10. I think there's possibly no other VR game that is better than it and I'm incredibly doubtful that there'll be one for the indefinite future. After finishing it last night it really does feel like the culmination of the last several years worth of experiences that have been made with the tech where Valve have put together everything that works and refined it to deliver a fully produced experience. It would be hard to think of a reason why, when looking at the other titles out there, that Alyx wouldn't qualify for top marks.

    I've been trying to think of how best to summarise the game and I think the closest I've come up with is that it's an essential VR title. It isn't however an essential title in general. It's very much built around the core gameplay loop idea where looking back a large amount of the game is very repetitive. It's not an issue as being a VR game it's unique as an experience and that carries it through. I don't think the game really answers the question of what form Half-Life 3 should take or whether now is the right time for it to be made.

    If you have a VR method of getting the game you absolutely should get it. If you don't then I think the question is a lot less easy to answer. So it's a 10 for me but probably one of the most reserved and conditional I've ever given.

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    Got my Valve Index over the weekend for this.

    It is absolutely amazing. On chapter 4 at the moment and, as a first foray into VR - this has blown me away - the immersion is top notch.


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