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    Yeah, just came here to ask if anyone had tried it yet.
    Tried it now and it’s a massive improvement. Huge. It’s way smoother and the aiming is far better on default settings. A really great change is the speed of the direction switches. They are lightning fast now, to the point where it really took me by surprise at first but it really helps gameplay. The dragon looks different too although it could be just the animation amends - I’d love to see a side by side comparison to see what has actually changed and what just aappears better due to the improvements in feel.

    If they get to do PD Zwei to this standard, I’d be very happy. But really... it should have been released this way in the first place. I do appreciate that they went back and did what it took to get it better though. Not all companies could justify that extra work.

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    So worth a punt now?
    It'll be my first time anyway.

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    It’s hard to recommend without reservation just because of what it is. It’s a short Starfoxy experience and it’s a remake of the oldest one, before they really refined it in the sequel (IMHO). I love it, although was a little disappointed with this remake but now this patch has made a big difference.

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    I played through this again now that the update is in and, overall it’s great. The update makes a massive difference and I love how this feels and how it plays now. There have been lots of other tweaks with the update that they didn’t even mention but make the game just a bit smoother and more enjoyable (such as changing how the boss passes you in episode 4 so it doesn’t knock off a massive chunk of health). So I’m really happy with this.

    One downside that comes with the update is that, to get the smooth performance, the resolution of episode 5 takes a hit, giving a kind of rippling look. That was a really nice looking episode before and, when I got to it originally, it really upped my opinion of the game’s graphics. And the issue of enemies blending into the background are worse in that episode as a result. I guess that won’t be an issue on other platforms but here it’s a bit of a shame.

    But overall, I really like this now. Enjoyed playing through it again.


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