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    Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139

    An updated version of the original Nier has been announced for PS4, XBO and PC which is called Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139

    It's being made by Toylogic

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    Sweet. Great game. Have it on ps3 so wonít buy this but if you didnít play back in the day then give it a go

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    Great news! apparently it will have new content, which includes endings, new music and rerecorded voice overs. Just a guess too, but the art might imply new graphics? That boy doesn't really look like the guy you play as in the Japanese release (or DLC for western version) and the dad is nowhere to be seen

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    i would be interested in going through it all again, though i think i would miss Papa Nier. I know it was originally written for Brother Nier (especially with the Kaine focus in the other endings) but how far Nier takes it to get Yoha back really only makes sense as Papa side.

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    Dang I love it when they announce these remakes and I've barely spent an hour with the OG I bought 0_o.

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    At the orchestral concerts they did recently all of the first-game content they had was talking about Replicant rather than Gestalt, now with this I think goblin faced dad-Nier is officially out of the picture.

    Really pleased this is getting a remake though. It's a great game that more people ought to play, and I think Automata made enough waves that this might just be the case.

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    I always thought the relationship between father and daughter was much more solid than brother and sister. Some other elements of the story make a bit more sense though, but they are secondary or tertiary compared to the rest.
    Oh well.

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    I've only ever played NieR Automa on the XboxOne X and have to say it was one of the best games that year. So much loved that game. Just a shame it was digital only, boo!
    Looking forward to this one. Hope it gets an actual physical release this time otherwise I may have to get it for the PS4 instead.

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    A glimpse at the mobile title Nier: Reincarnation


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