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    Currently getting sucked right into this one but i'm feeling a little overwhelmed as so much gets thrown at you at once i'm struggling to manage my time and the first palace deadline is ticking down. There is so much in this game to do i don't know what i should be focusing on as amassing enough cash to keep well stocked up on items kills time as i'm working in the conveni but i have a feeling if i don't go into the first palace well equipped i'm gonna suffer. Gotten to the 3rd floor so far but came out to level up a bit on other stuff. What i have played so far is fantastic i love the story and artstyle as well as the amazing soundtrack that plays when you battle if all persona games are as good as 5 i may have to delve back to some of the older ones once i finish this one.

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    I slightly preferred Persona 4 Golden on the Vita, but that may be a rose-tinted view. Persona 5 is a fantastic game either way - the story, art style and challenge are all beautifully honed, and the music is great.

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    Managed to clear the 2nd palace by the skin of my teeth i only did it because i had a lot of HP healing items to keep me going as i had no idea what i was doing till way too late. annoyingly SP regen stuff is really hard to get hold of i have found some in mementos using flowers to buy it off that kid or by making coffee but that's about it. Damn amazing game so far though i did screw up once and take too long securing a route in the 2nd palace and the time up ending kicked in and made me jump pretty hard when the mystery person just blew my brains out at point blank i was like damn atlus that's pretty dark. Then again i feel slightly uncomfortable fusing personas as well as the method in doing so is super grim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by importaku View Post
    Then again i feel slightly uncomfortable fusing personas as well as the method in doing so is super grim.
    Yep, the idea of putting Mara under the guillotine hurts to think about.

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    I remember being very protective of specific Personas when I played 4 for the first time too, and not wanting to fuse what I thought were the ones keeping me afloat. That was out of the window by the end of that and following through into 5, though - get combining! Even if you think the particular load out you've got is particularly snazzy, just make sure to register it before you sacrifice, and if you really need to you can bring them back as they were. Money is fairly short towards the start of the game, but later on it really is not an object.

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    Ended up playing all Sunday in a solid 14 hour block it was impossible to stop playing the story is so good. managed to beat the 3rd palace now upto the pyramid starting to get the hang of stat building and juggling maxing out confidants. Gotten the doctor upto the point of getting that 50% discount from her and finally got everyone equipped with a sp regen patch 3 which is helping a lot. Thanks to stealing anything that isn’t bolted down in the palaces I had a nice chunk when I sold it all which is keeping me going a lot better than trying to grind jobs for cash plus I get a nice amount while in mementos. Thanks for the tip about registering persona I forgot to do that, I have been introduced to the fusion alarm but I have no clue how to fully take advantage I just randomly made a couple of personas and their moves upgraded to more powerful ones I’m only at level 30 so the cool looking ones are locked out of reach for now.

    Tried listening to their English voice track, quickly turned it back to Japanese they suit the characters a lot better in Japanese although I do notice the text is sometimes not quite following exactly what’s been said ryuji’s voice actor is my fave, had some funny moments with him. Actually learning a few interesting slang words by listening to the Japanese track it’s good practise hehe. So far the game totally lives up to the praise I haven’t played a game quite like this.

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    I absolutely loved P4 but I loved P5 even harder, esp given it's stylishness. Third dungeon was the best (IMO) but it took us 130-140 hrs total, so we're reluctant to dive into P5R until there's nothing left. Got Octopath, Trails 3 and 4, plus Bravely 2 to get into, so reckon it'll be a while. But it will happen, one day.

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    The only Persona game I played was Persona 3 on the PSP, I ended up finding it so stressful that I had to put it down. I'm well aware the fault was with me rather than the game I should clarify!

    I became fixated on the ticking clock of the calendar, upcoming exams, the need to clear the tower section before the next full moon and still earn and spend time with friends for the social links. I know that's kind of the point as it's trying to replicate the stress of balancing an adolescent life but I couldn't relax enough to just live in the game.

    I found it difficult to maintain an effective team of personas to have on hand to combat the range of enemy weaknesses, especially as you had to put two into the blender blind to experiment with no take backs. It often meant I would lose my good combat Persona (read as one with an attack that could get multiple targets) and end up with something mediocre in exchange.

    The story was amazing though and I wish I had finished it to get that, I guess I should hunt the movies down instead!

    In terms of the gameplay formula followed by Persona 3 how closely does Persona 5 follow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briareos View Post
    In terms of the gameplay formula followed by Persona 3 how closely does Persona 5 follow?
    Only played P4 and P5 but I believe P4 was a huge improvement over P3 in terms of grinding and saving, while P5 is in a whole other league. Same formula, sure, and def darker but - AFAIC - it's a near-perfect refinement. The decade gap is vast, and it shows in every area, esp the presentation. P4 followed P3 pretty quickly, and there's not a huge difference visually, given the tech, but P5 is really something else. It's a living, breathing existence. Don't expect the story to be any less ridonculous, tho. But if you like RPGs, just play it. It's incredible.

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    This is maybe the only game where given a choice between the English and Japanese voice track, I chose English. I actually really liked the English voicework on this, it really brought the characters to life for me. I tried the Japanese voices for a few hours but I didn't click with them in the same way.


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