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    Finshed SMT: Soul Hackers at just over 35 hours. The final boss is tough, I had to had to completly re-arrange my party and fuse new demons to beat him and even then it was touch and go.

    He does not mess about.

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    Still working my way through Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin. The games is bloody huge and also freaking harder than I remembered it to be on the PS3.


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    Weekend round up:

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    On the verge of the next home expansion so that'll be the weekends main focus on this

    Sonic Forces
    Up to Stage 15 out of the games 30, making quick progress even if the game remains a weak one

    Conker: Live and Reloaded
    Last game I'm going to revisit on the XBX, just up to the little hub area with the exploding mouse. Still a nice game to revisit and still looks nice.

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    Continuing with the PSVR fun I had a few rounds on Everybody's Golf VR. Still not consistent with my technique but it feels pretty good when you hit a decent shot.

    Other than VR I'm struggling to get into anything. Can't motivate myself with Animal Crossing or FFVII Remake ... maybe I'll go back to those ... I know what the problem is though, Doom Eternal spoiled me ... it's the best game I've played in absolutely ages ... pure wall-to-wall gameplay.

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    I understand this. It took me ages to enjoy anything after Witcher 3. Playing something like Everybody’s Goff can help to reset your expectations.

    Had a go on Uncharted last night. It was ok. Just twenty minutes of it so far. The gunplay is a bit stiff, but I like the concept.

    EDF is still my timesink. 101 hours now at 30% completion precisely. I’m not going through hard on every level with every character. I’d prefer to stack the completions on Hardest.

    Had a really good run through with the Air Raider. A potent character, when used as support. My Wing Diver loadout continues to frustrate. My Fencer loadout and abilities are an absolute joke.

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    Had a good session on these yesterday with a few beers;

    Titanfall 2 multiplayer - still the best MP game out there- just hit G50 - gameplay heaven, fast, slick and adrenaline fuelled.
    Uncharted 4 multiplayer- decent; picked this up from my old save. Very unbalanced at times with pay to win seeping in
    Far Cry New Dawn - enjoying this much more than 5; still a bit clunky but enjoyable
    Wreckfest - nice in small sessions. Love seeing crash damage on cars? then this is for you!
    Doom Eternal - much better than the last one a real hoot with the classic weapon pose and gun sfx. Adrenaline fuelled and teeth clenching

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    I've been playing walking by the canal this afternoon which was enjoyable but very warm and draining.

    Games-wise I've continued to progress through One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4. Sure its a little repetitive but it hits the spot for a series fan such as myself (nearly at the end of Whole Cake Island now so not much more game left to go).

    EDIT: Cleared WCI which included trying to stop Big Mam in her tracks, playing as the Germa 66/Vinsmoke family and a pretty great fight for Luffy vs Katakuri (they have devil fruits with similar abilities but his opponent's more powerful in almost every way). It felt like a challenging battle like it did in the manga/anime so I'm happy it was well-realised here. Now on to Wano (which is pretty much old Japan) and the world's strongest creature, Kaido!

    I haven't really played Treasure Battle Mode much yet but it seems to be a good 'what if?' mode where the series characters have battles with each other. I'm still enjoying it as you unlock moves that the characters learn as they progress through the series (Luffy learning his gears and haki abilities, Zoro doing an enhanced version of sanzen sekai, Sanji using Diable Jambe and Sky Walk, etc.)
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    The last few days has been mostly see how much I can drink to make the ****ing misery of life disappear.

    So far I'm a crate of corona and a bottle of rum down and I'm still sober.

    Guess I'm **** at this game.

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    Yeah, be kind to yourself, mate.
    Sorry you're struggling.


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