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    Actually just found out Zombie Army 4 is coming to Game Pass in 2 days...

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    Absolutely loving breathedge on PS4, it really is subnautica in space. So far it's been hillarious it totally takes the piss at all times nothing is ever serious and the trophies are just as amusing as you do stupid stuff to find them. The crafting mechanics are similar to subnautica too you get enough pointers to explore and slowly find blueprints and needed materials, it was slow going floating out in space on my own but i discovered the shwarma and managed to craft a fart propelled suit booster upgrade. Then i found the vacuum cleaner bike and now i can whizz about like nobody's business but the area you explore is vast and i'm trying not to go too far out till i can get a bigger oxygen tank but now found out you can actually build a base using modules which means it's going to be a delightfully long experience as i scan and find blueprints just like subnautica to add technology & furniture to your space home.

    This is going to keep me going till below zero arrives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassius_Smoke View Post
    Disco elysium.
    What a great game! I'm a completely off my rocker drug addicted cop and I wouldn't want it any other way.
    I sunk a few hours in this last night. It actually kept me up late, I didn't want to stop playing. And while I'm loving it I'm still learning it. No tutorials throws you in at the deep end a bit but the discovery element all adds to it. Experiment. Give something a try. Things fail but that's okay. It makes it all the more satisfying when something clicks.

    It feels like a point n click with rpg stats but detective work is the crux of the game. I'm not a fan of big conversations in games but they're involving and enjoyable in this ... which is good because there's a lot of them. All voiced too. It's an astonishing amount of words in one game. But they form the twisted narrative of your experience and they work really well.

    I still feel like a stranger in a strange land (I don't fully understand all the systems/mechanics yet) and that suits the experience it offers. It's a world I love being in and exploring and meeting new peeps.

    Very impressed so far.

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    Probably try Marble Odyssey next

    Just finished Mario 64 so possibly move on to No More Heroes next. Also:
    SM64 > SM3DW > SMS

    PlayStation 5
    I need to start Watch Dogs Legion but likely just Black Ops matches this weekend

    Xbox Series S
    Set ups fully done now, might leave Retroarch and clear something from the XB backlog

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    Played a bit more Control UE on PS5 this week. I'd been stuck for a while (despite having finished it on PS4, I just couldn't remember what to do! Sorted now and enjoying the destruction again.

    Destruction All-Stars - I love it. Yes, there are issues but it's just great fun to stick on for 20 minutes and level up a couple of times.

    Fuser: My goodness - this is just phenomenal!! Best played loud for maximum smiles when you get a beat to drop at just the right moment.

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    Mostly Hades on Switch and chess, peppered with some occasional Splatoon 2 salmon run and Mario Kart 8 battle mode.

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    I've revisited BF4. It's still amazing

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    EDF 5 100% completion.

    A few minutes shy of 452 hours.

    Ants - 46850
    Spiddas - 26455
    Giant ants - 218
    Giant spiddas - 142
    Araneas - 399
    Woodlice - 8248
    Tadpoles - 7480
    Giant tadpoles - 91
    Whesps - 22207
    Queens - 162
    Big frogs - 4151
    Greys - 2254
    Drones - 8811
    Red drones - 113
    Type 2 drones - 2513
    Imperial drones - 115
    Shield bearers - 178
    Deroys - 549
    Hives - 10
    Teleportation ships - 424
    Anchors - 1346
    Outposts - 5
    Erginuses - 75
    Archeluses - 46
    Motherships - 6
    Silver Man - 7

    Ranger - 17055
    Wing Diver - 10904
    Air Raider - 16031
    Fencer - 17890

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    It was very, very tough in places. You can do most of the later levels on Inferno with three Air Raiders continually bombing the battlefield, but it triples the number of times you have to play the missions. Basically, you have to agree, as a squad, to rotate the Air Raiders, to enable everyone to complete it with one of the other classes.

    Loved playing the WD for timed ‘smash and grab’ rapier/phalanx attacks. You can cause major devastation to greys, frogs and mother monsters with that aggressive play style, but you really have to watch your wing energy and plan ahead. Many was the time that I got stranded with no juice, getting spaffed and jizzed on. WD is useless for distance stuff, and armour acquisition is very poor.

    Loved the Air Raider. You can level a map completely, taking out hundreds of enemies, if you time things effectively. It’s all about the timing. Some people are very lazy in their categorisation of the game as a mindless shooter. It’s not. If you want to do well, then you have to have a continuous cycle of timed attacks and planned tactics, using carefully-chosen weapons, and balanced with other classes.

    The Ranger grew on me. With his perks, he can be speedy and highly effective. The blazer weapon burns through even the toughest of enemies in a single clip, if used accurately.

    Fencer? Still a slog. Speedier than before with the right kit, and can be used like a WD to great effect if you practise, but still the character I experienced least joy playing.


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