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    SOLD: Sony 20" 20M4 PVM + BNC to Scart connectors - can be delivered!

    Sony 20M4E PVM Monitor - CAN be DELIVERED safely! Collection expected Tuesday May 5th if anyone is interested.

    Sad to see this one go, but realistically going forward life will only get busier and can't see myself wanting to cart this about too much. The last of my PVMs. These seem to go for around £500 on eBay. Last one for £450 went in about 5 minutes! I believe these are rarer than the M2 models that constantly crop up.

    This is one of the best PVMs you can buy. It has separate configs for 50hz and 60hz setups, so you can set up the screen for the taller screen Midway games that run at 54hz on a Pi (for example) and then have all the 60hz standard screen stuff set up correctly too. It seems to accept a 31khz signal, but sticks to the lower res displays. It displays my GroovyMAME PC correctly, even the boot up screen, whereas other monitors I've had didn't do this.

    I'm sure I'll regret selling it, but I'd rather finish off the fireplaces in my house currently tbh.

    I believe it offers 800 lines of crispy-sharp goodness and has run everything I've thrown at it, including lightgun games of course. There is occasionally a high-pitched noise (not always audible) when it switches to 50hz, but this soon stops. Sometime it appears on boot up at 60hz, but again seems to disappear. I've had two of these monitors and the other displayed the same behaviour.

    Colours are nice and accurate, hard to get a good picture as it seems to overblow the colours. Any colour issues is my camera phone not being able to snap the refresh rate correctly.

    I'll also include an BNC to SCART adapter from Retro Gaming Cables, these are about £30 by themselves.

    Price and delivery options:

    Option 1, monitor and leads delivered: I'm looking for £450 delivered to England. I'm using Martin (the arcade guy) to currently deliver monitors and he is charging around £50 to deliver these as they are easier to drop off than a classic arcade monitor.

    Option 2: Collection: If anyone would like to brave collection from my front porch I can do £425, as I'm actually covering half the delivery cost.

    Option 3 Monitor, leads and Pi2Scart setup: I also have a Pi2SCART setup I can chuck in as well, will just need a new image flashed to the card and pads, but the Pi2SCARTwill include a Pi 3 & Pi2Scart & SD Card and PSU, for £500 delivered all in.

    Always happy to listen to offers. Cheers

    Selling a 14" Sony PVM, model number is L-3. No leads included, but obviously compatible with the retro gaming cables BNC to SCART cables etc. etc.. Has RGB ins and lovely light up panels either side - everything as pictured below. Couple of sticker marks and small stickers either side but nothing that obviously affects operation. This is collection only, which I appreciate is a bit odd during these times, but I am happy to put in my front garden or covered porch for collection where we will be at least 2m away.

    £170 Collection from GU341JL. Happy to hold after payment for collection whenever.

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    S.Mouse elbow slapper...
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    Gamertag: Lord Barker BK Wii Code: 3DS: 5000-2698-8757
    Last PVM for sale. Sadface. 20 inches of retro-y goodness.
    3DS FC (updated 2015): 0447-8108-3129

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    I have a 20M4E, the picture really is great, certainly a step up from my M2ME.

    Buyer won’t be disappointed

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    Yeah those 800 TVL HR Trinitrons are eye poppingly good!


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