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    Had this on game pass playing on the one x but also bought it off the US e shop for the switch. Can't beat a bit of portable violence
    Really enjoying it but only played about 25 minutes and got to the end of the police station level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvdx2 View Post
    because that ‘retro’ filter is abysmal
    Yeah; I mean, it's an optional feature and just a bit of fun, but I wouldn't personally have put that in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    Donovan now has an uppercut which means jumping at him is a bad idea. It makes you think your way through just a bit more.
    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    re, Donavan. Unless my memory is playing tricks, I’m sure he had that move in one of the previous games?
    Yeah, he did. Definitely in SOR2 & 3. Can't be sure about the original; haven't played it in ages.

    Edit: looks like he wasn't in the original.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    re, Donavan. Unless my memory is playing tricks, I’m sure he had that move in one of the previous games?
    He did, but his AI is extremely responsive now. Like if you jump at him, he will do that consistently every time (unless he's in the middle of another anim).

    They seem to have gone down the route of having enemies with very specific patterns required to kill them, moreso than was the case in the older games. The Shield enemies are case in point. Some of them are fine, but I disliked the judo bloke; his pattern is too reactive and there were moments I got hit where I really didn't think the enemy should be repeating his special attack so soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kotatsu Neko View Post
    When I boot up a game my monitor will turn on GSYNC which blacks the screen, then it will pop up with an "HDR On" or "HDR Off" message box. With SOR, it thinks HDR is On.
    Perhaps some driver shenanigans of some differences between versions? Is this the steam or the windows store package?

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    Got this, had a good go with Blaze.

    The good: I like the feel of it. Plays very much like SoR. I like the added arcadeyness of it, with combos and flashy scores.

    The bad: The music. Completely forgetable. Nothing stands out in my mind, even the boss music. I can play the SoR1 boss music in my head, I can't say I remember a single stroke of this one.
    I also think there is something off with the balance of the game. Stage 2 is way harder than 3 for example. Some bosses are easy, some (I'm looking at you Estel) are super hard.

    The ugly: Not so much the graphics as a whole, but elements of the graphics. I think it's been said, but some enemies just look wrong.

    Overall, I like it... But I don't love it.

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    I’m not sure about the balance.

    I found stage 2 a lot tougher, but only because of the shield guys. I think there’s a strategy to do with the jump down attack. It’s just a case of working it out. As such, it wouldn’t be balance, just matters of strategic flexibility. I find certain rooms on Stage 6 excruciatingly tough. SOR games have always been about up and down difficultly. There’s not a linear progression of difficulty level in any game really.

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    Unlocked Adam. Played as Adam. Adam is awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    So, had a bit more time with it.

    Firstly, is it just me, or is Adam just straight-up better than Axel?
    It's not just you.

    He was the best of the three in the original Bare Knuckle.

    He should never have been omitted from the second and third game.

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    Unlocked SOR Axel.

    Plays great. I can’t remember him being this limited? I couldn’t do a jumping side kick, just a knee. No grand upper. On the plus side, his special is classic :-)

    He plays meatily, and it serves to illustrate how good the old designs were, but also how in-keeping the new designs are. Forget the clip art. It’s about the feel.

    Adam is a bloody great character!


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